Post to mark this historic occasion. Pietriots dot com is officially part of the original internet, before it, quite literally, sold out.

6 thoughts on “THE INTERNET IS FULL

  1. Porn should be condensed to just two domains, freeing up billions of those IPs for legitimate use.

    If you’re curious about the two domains, they’d be legal and illegal [ie kiddie pr0n for your average pietriots staffer]


  2. No doubt this will be Nintendos next excuse for not making games. “No official website available” ahahahaha. The internet is full. Full of nintards ahahahaha.


  3. I still remember the time back in the mid-90’s when the internet was “new” and my sister called me a nerd because I browsed the internet.

    Because, you know, only nerds use computers or something.


  4. I mean, I’m not denying it. But for THAT reason? Of course she denies she ever said that, and it was also a case of the pot calling the kettle black.


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