Racers Islands: Crazy Racers – Demo Impressions

I was on the fence about getting this game, it looked pretty average but it seemed like it could provide some silly colourful racing fun. Thankfully a demo came around today and I could try it out.

It’s terrible. Firstly, it doesn’t even use motion steering, it requires the nunchuck. This is to give the player control of an on screen cursor while driving, so you can shoot other cars… it’s a pretty cool concept but nothing even happens to the other cars when you hit them. They don’t slow down, there isn’t even an amusing sound, you can see a microscopic bit of paint on their car for a second if you look hard enough. The pointer might as well not even be there. The car handling is horrible, turning barely even works, press left and the whole car jolts about 30 degrees in the direction, making it hard to even drive in a straight line. Sometimes the car won’t even respond at all. The AI just flops around doing god knows what, but it’s unfair to expect much challenge in a demo. The one track in the demo is pretty cool to look at, nice colours and interesting things around in the environment. The most fun I had was when I found a fence that shoots you up to the moon. It’s pretty clever because it looks just like a normal fence.

I’m proud of the developers for putting out a demo for this game, it’s a nice warning to anyone considering buying it. I can’t imagine there being much more to enjoy in the full game, maybe some cool looking tracks and new areas to glitch around in. Unless there’s an unlockable car that actually turns properly, i’ll pass.

3 thoughts on “Racers Islands: Crazy Racers – Demo Impressions

  1. See, this is what happens when you try to play every racing game ever. Thankfully you didn’t spend any money on this garbage…


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