Shit article about nothing

That’s what this is. The guy somehow finds a way to complain about a feature that’s been implemented to the very extent it can be. 3DS and DS have different screen sizes, and different resolutions. The 3DS is not a DS. SO therefore, DS games can be played on 3DS either -STRETCHED- to fill the screen, or in their original resolution with some empty screen space. Nintendo GAVE US BOTH OPTIONS. There is nothing more they could do other than to physically shrink the screens through vudu magic whenever we press a button. Not only this, but 3DS lets you,

1) Use the new analog nub on original DS games

2) Tracks DS game playtime through the Activity Log

If anything, it’s a BETTER way to play DS games. Yet, this article complains and spins it into a bad thing, by IGNORING the positives, and posting something that isn’t even a negative, without explaining why it’s a negative.

“It’s not great”


“It’s just not”

Shit article.

4 thoughts on “Shit article about nothing

  1. Several thoughts!

    Try playing PS2 games on a brand new high-end PS3……………………………… el oh el?

    Maybe this writer wants TV output? Two SDTVs stacked on top of each other? Or split-screen with giant empty vertical black bars on both sides?

    Maybe Nintedo could remind people to play DS games on a… 2DS?

    Playing DS games on the 3DS with stretched or fixed resolution are fine. Heck, I was playing GBA Castlevania on my DS Lite recently.


  2. Ahaha did you hear the guys cat? Hahahaha a cat, that guy is awesome. “Meow” LOL! He makes a great point Nintards. What happened to unbiased reporting?


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