Kyle Hyde, a Real Man

I love you Rachel
Those lips...

So I just finished up Last Window: The Secret of Cape West last night instead of studying. I think (or at least like to think) that I’m a lot like Kyle Hyde. Suave, handsome, intelligent, fixing the problems of others while letting his own life fall into complete disrepair. Definitely the last part. On one hand I wouldn’t want my life to end up like Kyle’s, bachelor at 34 performing a job beneath him, but on the other I can’t think of a video game character more worthy of being looked up to as a role model. He’s a true everyman sort of bloke, a video game hero we can relate to. Sure it’s fun being Commander Shepard and saving the galaxy but Kyle’s more earthly pursuits and achievements are admirable yet not out of reach. And I’m pretty sure Rachel will sleep with him at some point. Can anyone direct me to some slash fanfic/art please?

Oh and regarding Last Window, since now is as good a time to comment on it as ever. It’s a good game, it even won Grubdog’s prestigious ‘Game of the Minute’ award last year, but I have a few issues with it’s manner of storytelling that I might talk about in a future post comparing it to other adventure games on the DS and PC.

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