Chase: Cold Case Investigations – Distant Memories of CING

It’s been 7 years since we have been graced with a CING-style game on a Nintendo system. They went bankrupt and disappeared after Hotel Dusk and Another Code R didn’t sell huge numbers, and their final game Again: Eye of Providence got unfair reviews and slander from press who didn’t understand visual adventure games. Sound familiar? Yeah, shit journalism can actually damage companies. CING is still dead but some key members of the team are back, including the Director of Hotel Dusk. They’ve joined Arc System Works who are credited as the developers of this game, with Aksys Games stepping in to publish. Chase: Cold Case Investigations has hit the 3DS eShop as a budget episodic visual novel, in an attempt to bring their highly atmospheric stories back into the mainstream.


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Kyle Hyde, a Real Man

I love you Rachel
Those lips...

So I just finished up Last Window: The Secret of Cape West last night instead of studying. I think (or at least like to think) that I’m a lot like Kyle Hyde. Suave, handsome, intelligent, fixing the problems of others while letting his own life fall into complete disrepair. Definitely the last part. On one hand I wouldn’t want my life to end up like Kyle’s, bachelor at 34 performing a job beneath him, but on the other I can’t think of a video game character more worthy of being looked up to as a role model. He’s a true everyman sort of bloke, a video game hero we can relate to. Sure it’s fun being Commander Shepard and saving the galaxy but Kyle’s more earthly pursuits and achievements are admirable yet not out of reach. And I’m pretty sure Rachel will sleep with him at some point. Can anyone direct me to some slash fanfic/art please?

Oh and regarding Last Window, since now is as good a time to comment on it as ever. It’s a good game, it even won Grubdog’s prestigious ‘Game of the Minute’ award last year, but I have a few issues with it’s manner of storytelling that I might talk about in a future post comparing it to other adventure games on the DS and PC.

DSi XL – Impressions

My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to get myself a Bronze DSi XL the other day. The system didn’t look too big when I first took it out of the box, but when I opened it up the size of the screens was a bit of a shock. It’s like two mini TVs in there. After booting it up, I wasn’t too impressed with the image quality in the menu, despite the immense brightness of the screens, things looked a bit blocky.

However, my fears were put to rest after putting some actual games in it, they all look fantastic. Pokemon, Zelda, GTA, Another Code, all shining brightly and majestically. There were no problems at all reading text or with image stretching, in fact it all somehow looks better. Animal Crossing was one game that blew me away, it suddenly felt a lot more playable and the colours shone through very nicely.

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