A True Watershed Moment in Digital Entertainment

Hold onto your arseholes everyone because the latest sales figures are out and there’s one headline that will dominate global news, pushing Wall Street protests and Bangkok floods off the front pages. Are you ready?

Forza Motorsport 4 had the biggest opening sales week of ALL TIME!
… in the UK
… for an Xbox 360 exclusive
… that’s about racing…
It really is an incredible achievement to almost sell as many copies as Just Dance 3 and I imagine this day for forever forth be known as F4 day.

This startling statistical analysis comes from GfK’s UK website ChartTrack. I’ll be refreshing their page everyday from now until November to see if Skyward Sword can be the best selling Wii game released in Q4, or if Skyrim claims the title of most purchased Elder Scrolls game.

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