Gaming Journalism should be better, but…

My good pal EarthViper on the Nintemple forums posted this lovely little piece of GAMING JOURNALISM in my 3DS XL thread, and it was… interesting. Read it then come back, alright? I’ll wait for you.

Came back? Good. So what exactly is the problem?

Well, the lack of an account-based system on the 3DS is the problem. Ok, sure, whatever floats your boat. Nintendo is implementing the system in fall (which should coincide with the ability to purchase stuff off of computers and smart phones), but let’s talk about now. From December, 3DS owners had the ability to transfer their stuff over to another 3DS system until this account system came into play. A big step forward from the inability to do this with DSi and Wii, which were wildly panned for this.

However, read this line I italized from the article itself:

Now that Nintendo is getting into the DLC business, it has got to find a way to centralize users’ information in a convenient way. System transfers that render old hardware inert are just unacceptable.

… …

Never mind the fact that with the 3DS XL coming out, which is a better built 3DS model that can still play your old DS retail games, can also transfer all your old stuff to the new system… MAKES YOUR OLD 3DS INVALID.

Good fucking lord, its bad knowing your 3DS XL can do the stuff your 3DS does and still plays your old stuff from the DS era. However, thank god for things like the 360 and PS3 with Live and PSN! While those respective systems made your Xbox 1 and PS2 games obsolete unless you downloaded them again, they have account based systems! Come on Nintendo, smarten up your online strategy! Its bad when the Wii U will render the Wii obsolete when I can transfer my stuff from it to the new system. How dare you do that?!


Doesn’t this Digital Trends fuck-wad understand the concept of backward compatibility?! Is he too busy masterbating to the fact the PS Vita made all physical UMD games WORTHLESS or how PS3 Slim took out the (glitchy) PS2 compatibility? Doesn’t he not realize that the 360, which has a admitted great online system, can’t even fucking play Xbox 1 games properly, or at all?!

Excuse me, I need to break my laptop in anger, pardon me.

6 thoughts on “Gaming Journalism should be better, but…

  1. Matto, I really think you’e missing the point. The original piece isn’t about backwards compatibility, which is why he doesn’t make any mention of it. The original piece was about Nintendo’s objectively dreadful online service and how they make playing digitally purchased (not physical) games a total pain.
    Let’s compare it to Steam. I can login on any computer in the world with my steam account and download my games. I don’t have to deregister my old computer, I don’t have to move my laptop to be in physical distance of another computer and transfer it I can just login and go. I can do the same thing with my Origin, App Store, PSN and Xbox Live accounts. With Nintendo I can’t do that. I have to have my old machine, which i can’t sell until AFTER i upgrade and go through a complex transfer process. Calling it unintuitive would be kind. If my launch Wii died tomorrow, I’m fucked. Maybe if I’m lucky Nintendo could restore my (huge amount of) VC and WiiWare purchases if I put the wii in a box and mail it 3000kms to them like the 1990s. And you know why Nintendo have this situation? Because of friend codes. Because Nintendo felt children would be too retarded (hint: they’re not) to manage a login they’ve now left the hundreds of millions of DSs and Wiis sold in perpetual limbo when the new machine comes out.
    Comparing it to the fact the PSVita can’t play UMDs is a waste of breath. Everyone knew that Vita wasn’t going to use UMDs so you know what they did? People just didn’t sell their PSPs and their old PSPs still have a use; playing UMD games or playing PSPminis and PSOne classics that are tied to their PSN accounts. My old DS hevy has no use. If I even put Pokemon or Mario Kart in there, by mistake, I lose all my online information. The PSP to Vita upgrade was no different to the N64 to Gamecube upgrade or the NES to SNES upgrade.


    1. Rab, just because you are living in a digitally wonderland with that fancy Steam-powered computer of yours doesn’t mean everyone is the same. While you may have given up on boxed media, many others have not, myself included. This is why I’m ranting; sure, Nintendo having a lack of unified accounts on the 3DS is not that hot, HOWEVER, I can transfer my old stuff to my 3DS XL, no strings attached and I can still play all those old DS games in my collection.

      What about my other things? Well, my Wii has been sent in for repairs, so for GCN enjoyment I have the GCN hooked up (and I still have my N64 hooked up, I make due with what I have). Yet what about my PS1 and PS2 games? Whelp the latter is shit outta luck because my PS3 Slim can’t play those games. What about those XBox 1 games? Well you can buy them on the Live Arcade, but the compatibility issues suck ass.

      Then there is the Vita… charging a fee to get your UMD games onto the system, not implanmenting it in any other terrorities except for Japan… thanks for making my UMDs useless Sony, you cunts.


  2. I’m pretty sure Matto’s point is the double standard. Yes Nintendo’s system has created a problem that is very real and they have nobody to blame but themselves. However a line like this…

    “Will I be able to play my already purchased games on the new device? The word from Nintendo is yes you can, but with a significant caveat.”

    …reeks of relevance to the 360, PS3 and Vita in ways Nintendo actually got right. However the people in the media who love to cry foul in this case were never so eager to give Nintendo credit for succeeding where the others failed nor where they so eager to throw a tantrum and use words like “unacceptable” to describe the designs of Sony and MS that made ‘playing my already purchased games’ with a ‘significant caveat’ or at all.


    1. Thank you for understanding my point, EV.

      I would’ve looked for an Adventure Time reaction pic, but I couldn’t find a decent one. Oh well.


  3. Heh, Matto. You may want to check that article again. Not only did the person who replied miss the point of the double standard but….I hope this doesn’t give you a heart attack…but implied there has been little whining about the 3DS and a lack of a second stick compared to the PSP.


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