Depressing Realities Surrounding Next-Gen Gaming

Oh hey, guess what folks? The ‘true’ next-generation game systems arrived last month, but unlike most people who are absolutely convinced these are the best systems EVAH, I’m going to put out some more depressing realities that we could face. After all, didn’t you all like my last one? No? Well shit. Reality #1: Despite … Continue reading Depressing Realities Surrounding Next-Gen Gaming

In Today’s News, UbiSoft just screwed over Rayman Legends

In case you haven’t heard the news yet, all that free advertising Nintendo gave to Rayman Legends turned out to be absolutely worthless on Nintendo’s part: Rayman Legends is no longer a WiiU exclusive and it’s being put multiplatform, and as such it making gaming journalists, analysts and haters hard in the pants. The reasons … Continue reading In Today’s News, UbiSoft just screwed over Rayman Legends

“I like my new WiiU, but I won’t make games for it!”

It has been a few weeks since the WiiU launched, and I am loving it. Miiverse is amazing, ZombiU is amazing and New Super Mario Bros U is pretty close to topping Super Mario Bros. 3 is terms of being my favourite side-scrolling Mario game. While the game journalism side has already been torn apart … Continue reading “I like my new WiiU, but I won’t make games for it!”

Hey U – Give Me Real Controls

The Wii Remote & Nunchuk was last generation's innovation in violence - still strong today, still better than the competition. This was the method of controlling the last true console Resident Evil experience the world would know: The Umbrella Chronicles. For the previous console cycle, there's a seldom-stated lesson Capcom briefly learned (see RE4:Wii) then … Continue reading Hey U – Give Me Real Controls

“Durp!” – Pachter: “Two + Two = SEVEN!”

Oh boy, here we go again.  Only our favorite videogame analyst in the world, Michael Pachter, could be obnoxious enough to drag me out of hiding.  And it's a three-fer, so enjoy a triple helping of Pachterd Sandwich... First, let's go back a couple weeks to one of Pachter's Wii U whinge-fests... “[Wii U] isn’t … Continue reading “Durp!” – Pachter: “Two + Two = SEVEN!”

SimCity Social is a disgrace

This is how a pyramid scheme works. Playfish and EA seem to have it in their heads that if a game is on Facebook it's gotta be shit. Maybe someone at Playfish suggested they create a fresh and innovative Facebook game like Firaxis did with CivWorld and then John Riccitiello walked into the room, "what the fuck are you saying? This is Facebook, make it atrocious."