Pietriots Radio – Episode 1 (Cities, Legends and Questionable Content)

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It’s the podcast you all asked for! What, nobody did? Good, because it’s a radio show! Experts at nothing, amused by everything; Grubdog, Bill Aurion, RABicle, Deguello and Matto all got together in the Pietriots Studio to talk about current games, SimCity, Rayman Legends and tackle the hard issues behind DLC and HD collections.

We were also lucky enough to score an interview with an EXPERT! Michael Pochter gave us some time on his busy schedule to provide insight on the year ahead. Please enjoy!

IGN Black Beta Select Awards – Pietriots Style

The what awards? Black Betty select who? I asked the same questions the day before the event. On Friday IGN AU held an event at the Maritime Museum in Sydney to announce the best games of 2012 sponsored by Mountain Dew. It sounded like the last place you’d ever expect to see a Pietriot, but also an opportunity. Out of the blue someone offered me a ticket and I jumped on it. Free food, beer, games to play? Why not. It was all worth it when I saw this!


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