7 thoughts on “F***heads – Dead Port

  1. Western publishers made up their minds long before the system even launched whether or not they were going to support it. The current sales situation is just a convenient excuse for them.

    3DS sales picked up and they still treat it like the plague.


    1. The only silver lining is that third parties are killing themselves and game journalists are still ignorant to the truth. Thankfully, with Miiverse, GOOD third party efforts won’t go unnoticed.

      I think this is a prime topic for the next episode Grub.


  2. Yeah, no reason to bemoan the loss of many of these games, considering they won’t make a profit or sell consoles anyway.

    How is 3rd party support supposed to save the Wii U when 3rd party companies can’t even save themselves?


    1. Such is the unspoken, unreported truth. Many of them don’t comprehend what the real “risks” are. Nevermind our “next-gen”; we’re simply in the 8th year of the current generation of Industry Death.

      Global Tarding still causes the Blue Ocean to rise, and not all companies will fit in the Super Mario Ark.


    1. I already have a list in mind…

      Publisher(s): Square-Enix, or EA.
      Developers: Anybody under EA Games control.


  3. Epic Games recent WiiU troll comment (you are such a class act Mark Rein) is even more hilarious when you realize that developers who use the Unreal Engine on their expensive games won’t seen some of that profit since Epic TAKES some of it away.

    As for supposedly ‘losing’ games, the WiiU is still in a better position. Sold more units in a few months then PS3 and 360 did combined in a year. Regardless I know Nintendo doesn’t like the slow movement of units (they can’t do anything with people who refuse to be early adopters unless “more games get released for it” or “price cut needed” as the excuse goes), but… why did they ATTEMPT to court these third parties AGAIN when it didn’t work with the 3DS? And now there is word Iwata may resign if Nintendo reports another loss.


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