Get ready for E3 with your commemorative report card!

E3 Report Card(Click for larger version)
I’ve taken the liberty of filling out the first conference for you since everyone will be watching Apple @ WWDC.  Over the next two days fill out your cards and post them here and on the social medias or print a copy out to put on the fridge!

Conference Times in cities worth caring about after the jump.

Los Angeles: Monday 9:30am
New York City: Monday 12:30pm
London: Monday 5:30pm
Perth: Tuesday 12:30am
Sydney: Tuesday 2:30am

San Francisco: Monday 10am
Boston: Monday 1pm
Glasgow: Monday 6pm
Singapore: Tuesday 1am
Melbourne: Tuesday 3am

EA and Ubisoft
Who cares?

Vancouver: Monday 6pm
Toronto: Monday 9pm
Dublin: Tuesday 2am
Beijing: Tuesday 9am
Brisbane: Tuesday 11am

Seattle: Tuesday 7am
Miami: Tuesday 10am
Lisbon: Tuesday 3pm
Hong Kong: Tuesday 10pm
Hobart: Tuesday/Wednesday Midnight

9 thoughts on “Get ready for E3 with your commemorative report card!

  1. So, are we going to see the rest of the grades filled out? Really curious what the Pietriots have to say about the E3 show.


    1. Well uh, to be honest I haven’t watched any of them, final papers are OVERDUE! This was really jsut a very time poor excuse for my usual pre e3 fan fiction. But I’ll be inundated with free time from Sunday so will catch up then.
      Till then, feel free to fill in your own!


  2. @nwrkhushrenada: Might as well be a little bit more in-depth about the conferences I watched (AKA the non-conference Nintendo Direct) and what I learned from the other Pietriots, namely Bill and Grubdog, who watched the Sony and MS ones.

    The MS conference was complete garbage, according to Grub, who stayed up for it (guy has gumption!). They are going through the “Third Console Arrogance” cycle that seems to hit the console makers all the time (Saturn with SEGA, N64 with Nintendo, PS3 with Sony and now XBone). Always online and DRM required is absolute bullshit and because of this I wonder how many retailers are going to actually sell it. Xbone basically deserves to tank, and the developers and publishers who support this deserve to backlash.

    Sony’s conference was long and boring. PS4’s reveal was considered “better” because it confirmed that Sony wasn’t going to use DRM… but they spinned words around by not saying if third parties can still use it, and the truth is they still can. The price point is… slightly ok, $400 which is only fifty dollars higher then WiiU deluxe. Yet hearing they will have two more models just boggles me and considering even WiiU is having growing pains, I wonder how the hell Sony will be profitable. From a game stand-point, nothing says BUY ME; its basically the same shit from last gen with a few more textures. That Pixar/Dreamworks looking game looks mildly interesting, but it didn’t excite me like Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8 and Wonderful 101. Also, Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 aren’t enough to convince me to shell out money for a PS4, these games I seriously doubt will launch in the PS4 launch period. The fact the former is damaged goods and the latter is too contrived for its own good… I will stick with Bravery Default for my Squaresoft fix.

    Nintendo basically did the smart thing and not have a big press conference. While I heard the stream had technical issues (Microsoft must’ve tried to sabotauge it!), the video was only forty minutes and to the point. The games look amazing but the fan feedback of “WHY DIDN’T RETRO MAKE A NEW IP/METROID?!?!” can fuck right the hell off; Tropical Freeze looks absolutely stunning (I bet Metroid would have been nice too!). I am on cloud nine because I adore Nintendo platformers. Of course, there is all this talk of “where is the killer app?” which can also fuck off; maybe its Mario Kart 8 or Smash Bros? Hell if I know or care.


  3. I think it says something about the current state of gaming when Sony “wins” E3 just because their console plays used games…

    A bit disappointed that the new Retro title wasn’t a new IP, but hell, I’m still stoked for more DK. Super Mario 3D World is already my GotY; the fact it’s gotten such a lukewarm reception is astounding.


  4. @Matto Cool. Thanks. I personally didn’t watch any of the conferences except the Nintendo Direct myself since that was all I cared about. But there was suddenly all this talk about Sony’s great showing so I started checking out the info on it. Basically, it just seems that because Sony bashed Microsoft and said the things many fans were upset about, that is why they won. Basically, Sony gave people watching some laughs. But when it comes to the games shown, hardly anyone seems to be talking about them.

    I like the point you mention about Sony spinning words. How many times have they done this or promised something big and the final is product is not what people thought it would be? Sure, they have a unit at $399. But what are there other units priced at? Are they seriously going to release 2 lesser units lower priced than that? I highly doubt it. They will probably both be more expensive. After all, if they could have one basic unit with a lower price, they’d probably be able to match the WII U deluxe price or try to come close to it. And if so, they would have mentioned this at E3 to also cut down Nintendo’s potential sales to get people to wait and possibly buy a PS4 for the same price.

    As for the flack on Nintendo about E3, I’m sort of in both camps in that there games looks fine and I know I’ll definitely get some fun out of them which is the point. But it is disappointing that there weren’t some different franchises on display. That’s why I’m more excited about Pikmin 3 than Mario 3D World. Because it has been a long time in between Pikmin whereas I’ve been playing Mario platformers quite regularly for the past couple year catching up on stuff I missed. Now most people probably aren’t doing that and even if they aren’t, variety in gaming and different experiences are still nice which is why I’m less enthused about it but would be up for seeing a new F-Zero or Star Fox game for instance. It’s why Mario Kart still excites because there’s enough time to get a new iteration, play it to death, let it rest and then with that gap, I’m interested in playing Mario Kart again.


  5. I’m crazy excited for Mario 3D World. It’s got everything. It’s got 4 player mp. It’s got SMB2’s unique characters (I can play with luigi from the beginning without having to unlock him!). It’s got some 3D Land-like levels, and it has some Galaxy-like levels (the water dragon level, and the snake boss, since apparently people haven’t been paying attention). The cat suit looks like a lot of fun to control, and I cannot comprehend why everyone is so down on it.

    Game’s gonna be great.


    1. Don’t try to comprehend, your life will be better because of it.

      Also yes, it looks amazing and footage I saw of it was… UGH SO WONDERFUL!! ❤


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