Part of the Nintendo Difference: E3 2001

As a follow-up to my previous E3 scan, here's some subtle marketing Nintendo spread around E3 2001, again, on the back of the E3 Show Daily magazines. Checkout the "interesting" front covers, too, and maybe you'll question how there could be any excitement for such an unappealing video game industry at the time (as presented … Continue reading Part of the Nintendo Difference: E3 2001

Depressing Realities Surrounding Next-Gen Gaming

Oh hey, guess what folks? The ‘true’ next-generation game systems arrived last month, but unlike most people who are absolutely convinced these are the best systems EVAH, I’m going to put out some more depressing realities that we could face. After all, didn’t you all like my last one? No? Well shit. Reality #1: Despite … Continue reading Depressing Realities Surrounding Next-Gen Gaming

A Message From Nintendo: Gotta Have Game

This scan is from the back of E3 Show Daily: Day 3 from E3 2000. It's not a product ad, but a departing statement from Hiroshi Yamauchi just before he retired (maybe). Almost 13 years later (that's more than TWO Wii generations duct-taped together), does it still apply today? ... a little unbelievable in today's … Continue reading A Message From Nintendo: Gotta Have Game

Nintendo Direct – Better Than E3?

"Great stuff, Nintendo really did hold back at E3!" "Only Nintendo could royally screw up the biggest trade show of the year but absolutely DESTROY a random Thursday at midnight." "Nintendo doesn't really give a shit about E3 (and maybe any press events) anymore. They love Nintendo Direct. " "That was approximately a billion times … Continue reading Nintendo Direct – Better Than E3?

Nintendo’s Corroboree

Reggie just has a natural draw, a man amoung men, able to kick arses and impregnate women with just a suggestive look. Reggie was aware of us assembling as he lifted his right arm up the crowd surged over the gather to the right of him. Reggie lowered his arms and turned to face us, "welcome to E3," he said,

Presidential Midsummer Recap

We revisit the suspenseful, exciting past quarter of the gaming industry, as witnessed by U.S. President Barack Obama. Obama and his advisory team closely monitoring the PSN outage. Tension is at an all-time high. E3 2011: Obama and staff watching Microsoft's press conference. Yes, Hillary, those were hardcore games for Kinect. E3 2011: Cheers and … Continue reading Presidential Midsummer Recap