New Leaf – Humble Beginnings (Journal)

Welcome to Oberon. There’s nothing special about this place, and there doesn’t have to be. A town is defined by its people and their actions. As the Mayor, my job is to inspire and lead my life by example. Sometimes it’s not so easy, life can put you in strange places and make you wonder what your purpose is. As long as I find a way to enjoy myself and share that enjoyment, I believe the town will flourish. I’ve only been in Oberon a few days but it’s already showing signs of growth, with a brand new villager already deciding to move here!


Fang had just moved in next door and I was keen to give him a helping hand unpacking! I entered to find him asleep… standing up! The poor thing must be exhausted, moreso mentally because his legs were obviously still working. Unsure how to approach this delicate situation, I thought the best thing to do would be to wake him up. This was not a productive way to sleep. I put on my happiest Pikmin hat to ease the shock as I approached him.


He wasn’t too welcoming. I could feel the stress seep out of his rugged voice, through waves of escaping heat. He seemed like the type to try and hide his feelings and appear tough, a trait I greatly admire and aspire to as the Mayor. However, in his state it was impossible not to notice a tinge of relief in his eyes. He was silently grateful that I had woken him up, and I was OK with that. Moving house is already a scary thing, and he didn’t need any more things to think about right now. I decided to leave him to it, and went outside for some late night fishing.


It looked like the fish was out of reach. Suddenly, it swam across! It wasn’t near the bait but it had moved to a position I could reach. I pulled the rod back and launched it upwards, closer to the other side of the river. BAM, the fish hooked the very first bite, and in an instant I had myself a tasty Black Bass! It seemed out of reach, but what if the fish thought the same thing? Like hopeless lovers, the fish and I weren’t meant to be. It was our combined effort that brought us together, and satisfied my hunger. More significantly it showed me how important it is to reach out, even when nobody is reaching back. The fish didn’t know it, but it had done as much for my confidence as it had my hunger. I imagined it swimming around in my tummy, I hope it was happy with the way it died.


4am struck and the music changed. A piano pounded some notes, powerful but with enough distance between them to feel the emptiness. I took the Pikmin hat off, it felt silly. In this rare moment of clarity I wanted to see myself. What am I doing up at 4am, and why is this the best moment of the entire day?


As I pondered, a smile crept up on my face. Where have you been hiding? I hadn’t done anything to deserve this, I was just standing there. I hadn’t saved any lives, finished any projects or done 1000 squats; I was just a man respecting his place. I don’t know how this happened but I knew that I could finally sleep, and that was enough.


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