6 thoughts on “Pietriot Times – July Edition

  1. The reason Nintendo has never publicly acknowledged that OP Rainfall played a role in getting Xenoblade a NA release is precisely because they don’t want to encourage dumbshit petitions like these. For every legitimate cause gamers are willing to rally around, there are about a hundred that are just fucking moronic.


  2. Today Microsoft revealed that the Xbox One will be ditching the cumbersome “gamertag” system of previous consoles, and will be switching to a much simpler, more user-friendly ten digit codes. Gamers rejoiced at the news. “It was so hard to remember those gamertags,” one self-proclaimed hardcore gamer commented on Reddit. “I mean, if someone told me their gamertag was “Teabagger69”, would he mean it was with one “g” or two? And would he spell out 69 or leave it as a number? And let’s not even get into the L33T speak. So confusing.”
    Also revealed was that each game would have their own ten digit code, so you will be able to sort out which friends you want to have in each game. “This will give gamers the option to decide which friends they want with which game,” a Microsoft spokesman said. “It’s all about options for the consumer here at Microsoft, and we believe it begins with what we’re calling ‘Codes for Friends’.”
    Nintendo, which launched it’s last generation system with the last generation gamertag system, has yet to announce if it will be updating the Wii U’s system firmware to adapt to this brilliant new innovation Microsoft has revealed, or if it will focus exclusively on smartphone development in 2014.


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