Nintendo’s Corroboree

Reggie just has a natural draw, a man amoung men, able to kick arses and impregnate women with just a suggestive look. Reggie was aware of us assembling as he lifted his right arm up the crowd surged over the gather to the right of him. Reggie lowered his arms and turned to face us, "welcome to E3," he said,

The Reggie Zone: Part 1 – Reggie Miracles

Reggie has seen many things in the hours, days, weeks, and months of racing he has competed dominated in Mario Kart Wii.  Some of which induced glorious fits of laughter, some of which compelled fits of rage capable of punting unlucky souls into another dimension.  You will now travel into this dimension; a dimension not … Continue reading The Reggie Zone: Part 1 – Reggie Miracles

How much Reggie can you fit into a kart? THIIIIIIIIIIIS MUCH! (not to scale)

Have you wondered what Reggie does in his spare time when he's not off kicking ass and taking names?  He's off playing that kiddy Mario Kart Wii game and mugging himself into every possible shot of the action!  Here are just a select few of these sightings... Reggie gives other racers a generous head-start while … Continue reading How much Reggie can you fit into a kart? THIIIIIIIIIIIS MUCH! (not to scale)

Don’t bother staying up for the Nintendo Press Conference

The year there are no speakers blaring Nintendo remixes or pop music, the scene is marked only by it's deafening silence and the darkness is broken by only a solitary UV light, illuminating the journalist's nametags alonge with white shirts, shoelaces, bleached hair and the teeth of both attendees who bothered to brush. ... "ALLRIGHT LISTEN GEORGIE, I WANT YOU TO EXPLAIN TO ALL THE NAMELESS PEOPLE HERE WHY YOU'VE CHOSEN TO LEAVE NINTENDO" "Oh well see uh um that als-" He doesn't finish as Reggie has kicked his arse , sending him flying clear of the stage in into Miyamoto's moshpit of journalists.