6 thoughts on “Wii U Predicts Disappointing Outcome For Analyst’s Lifetime

  1. I don’t mean to be rude, but this article only has the picture of Iwata. There’s no text beneath. Was it supposed to be that way?


  2. The thing I find more hilarious than all the doom talk is how all these analysts expect Sony and Microsoft’s game division’s to be hugely profitable even though both companies have:

    -Reported losses, layoffs, and no game profit
    -Are trying to continue the dudebro fad which almost surely can’t last
    -Are letting 3rd parties run things into the ground
    -Are paying off publishers out the wazzoo…


  3. I love how the picture on the gamepad inside the gamepad is of Iwata looking at the banana! Also, this article says all it needs to without text.


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