7 thoughts on “F***heads – Final Strategy

  1. It wouldn’t matter if the Wii U was outselling the PS4 by a factor of 10 to 1 they’d still back Sony all the way. Their lack of Wii games was absolutely astonishing, disturbing, and pretty much showed exactly what most developers think of Nintendo:

    “Not going to happen. Not in a million years. No matter how well your hardware sells. Sony and MS bought our souls. There’s nothing left for you here. There’s nothing left for anyone here.”

    I just… Very few people could ever understand the connection I had with video games growing up. Companies like Nintendo and Squaresoft saved my life, and my sanity, as a kid and teenager. But to see it all come to this? I wonder what the purpose of any of it was.


    1. The purpose is the people that now run it are money wasting dumbasses.

      Right now, I think The Last Story did better then Lightning Returns.


      1. I wonder what Mistwalker are doing, they’ve done nothing but iOS games since The Last Story. A followup RPG on Wii U would be awesome and surely the best place for them.


  2. Seeing as how much of the old-school Square talent has gone on to work for Nintendo, I can’t say I’ll be missing SE’s support anyway. Monolith Soft is making the sort of games Square would be making if they hadn’t gone to shit.


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