Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Now With 3D Graphics!!


WHOOOOOOAAAAAAAAA!! Don’t fall over dudes!! Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is back in THREE DEE!! Have YOU played it yet? Everyone at school is talking about it. Remastered in stereoscopic 3D glory, the world of Sonic 2 has come alive. Race across Emerald Hill Zone, work your way through Chemical Plant Zone, hold your nose through Oil Ocean Zone and explore Mystic Cave Zone like NEVER BEFORE! Collect rings, save animals, run through loops and take on a range of bosses in glorious 3D graphics that fit in your pocket. That’s right, you can take it to school and be the coolest kid there. 3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has launched on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for a few dollars, and it’s worth throwing your lunch away for.


See these blades of grass? You might think you can comprehend them, but you have no idea what the 3DS screen is capable of. New in 3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the wavy tips of the grass appear in a slightly distant layer of 3D. This makes the grass feel a little bit extra thick and lush. That’s right you can’t just see it, but feel it. Little effects like that are only possible on Nintendo 3DS and make it the definitive version of the game. If you rub the screen against your face you might be able to smell grass too. Don’t try to eat it, though. At least not without a professional around. This remaster is full of excellent details like that and it makes you appreciate the finer things you might not have noticed in regular, boring 2D Sonic the Hedgehog. You can view things in different 3D modes depending on how you deal with the 3D effect, pop-out if you want the graphics to pop in your face, or fill-in to get your fill of awesome graphics. There’s also CRT mode but TVs are old news, man.


Take in the beautiful environments of Sonic 2 with an unprecedented level of depth. While the 2D classic gameplay remains unchanged, the backgrounds whiz by in different layers at different speeds. This makes the levels feel more wholesome and also compliments the sense of speed. It’s so fast you’ll be like “SLOW DOWN, SONIC 2!!” and it won’t listen. You can reach for that 3D slider, but the density of Aquatic Ruin Zone’s plants will lure you back in. You can feel the water on your face. The space between the crystals in Mystic Cave Zone is now a playground for the bass line to echo back and forth. With different background layers doing their own individual thing and scrolling at their own pace, it’s like you’re playing 6 games at once!


…. YEAAAAAAAAAH!! Sure buddy. How did you get here? DOESN’T MATTER!! It’s the 90s and we’re all invited to FUN! 3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2 includes 2 player if you have a local friend with a 3DS. Shouldn’t be hard to find because this is the most popular game around. Find someone patient enough to play as Tails while you scroll the screen at an impossible speed, and you have a friend for life.

If your lame parents want to play, there’s a brand new “Ring Keeper” mode to make everything super easy! You start every level with 10 rings, and you only lose half your rings when you get hit. It’s practically impossible to die unless you fall into a pit, and bosses are a complete joke. Just run and jump into them. You won the game. This mode was made the default option, just to scare people into thinking that game design and challenge had become irrelevant. Haha. That’ll never happen. Not as long as it’s the 90s. For people in a mad rush, you can also select “credits” from the menu without even playing a level. This is for that kid who sucks at the game but doesn’t want to feel left out. Enjoy the sweet music, dude. There’s a party here for everyone. There’s also a secret mode if you beat the game, OOOOO!! Read SEGA POWER edition 92 to find out if you can’t get your hands on the game. It’s only for Super Players.


Here we have the thinking pit. As your rings slip away into the dark corners of the cave, you hear the crystals laughing in the distance as they collect their bounty and cash-in on your sorrow. You’re given just enough time to feel regret and contemplate the choices you made that led to this moment. The lesson here is don’t fall down pits. You might think you’re a rad, tough dude or dudette jumping carelessly down the pit, but you’re dead. You should’ve grabbed the vine. The vine you were too cool for. The level design doesn’t care how brave you are if you can not harness your power as a player.

Great level design doesn’t age and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is no exception. The game strikes a nice balance of speed and patience, resulting in a satisfying level of control and momentum. Momentum doesn’t mean holding right to win, it comes from control. That means CHECKING yourself, bro. You’re going to have to jump over pits, carefully avoid spikes, and look at things while going fast. This makes it not just thrilling but dangerous. The game is short enough so you should be able to remember these things. If you know where everything is, the game is over in 30 minutes. That’s the whole point of them, to be obstacles. A lot of things can kill you, but if you take them seriously you’ll be apples.


Throw your lunch away right now and smack down a few bucks for this if you want the best version of Sonic 2. The 3D is flawless, it’ll WOW you but it’s also very well presented and clean. It’s extremely well-made just like every other 3D Classic by development team M2. Shout out to them because they are amazing. They also do a great job porting GBA games to Wii U, the best emulation on that system by far. Thanks dudes, I hope you never get tired of the classics. This game is a flawless port in terms of graphics, controls and gameplay and with these added bells and extra customisation, you can’t go wrong. Nothing here takes away from how faithful this port is. Get into it. 3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is the best 3D Sonic game.

8 thoughts on “Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Now With 3D Graphics!!

  1. No Hidden Palace Zone from the mobile release is extremely disappointing, and it’s weird for M2 to actually leave a goodie like that out. The only other criticism I can think of is that multiplayer is split screen instead of one on each screen.

    Aside from that, M2 is typically beyond perfect and 3D Classics are my absolute favorite thing about 3DS. The biggest crime of this console generation is the WiiU’s lack of popularity, but 3D Classics not catching on is a very close second. Still dreaming of the day we get games like Mega Man 3 and Super Metroid in this format.


    1. Yeah I’m surprised Nintendo themselves haven’t done more, the existing ones (Kirby, Excite, Kid Icarus) sold really well even if the SEGA ones are struggling a bit.

      Not sure Hidden Palace Zone is a real loss, isn’t it an incomplete stage? Haven’t played that version.


      1. It was a cut stage in Sonic 2, but there are bits and pieces of it left in the ROM. The guy who did the mobile remake put together a working version and added it in as a bonus. His work is extremely impressive. I guess M2 wanted to stay true to the original, but it’s a very cool looking stage, and would have really cemented this release as the definitive version.

        I’ll still get it anyway. I’m honestly not a huge fan of SEGA’s catalog, but for a few bucks I’ll get some enjoyment and support my favorite doomed effort in the industry. I blame Nintendo for never making a serious effort with their own catalog. We didn’t even get a 3D Super Mario Bros 1. Shameful. Arika’s work doesn’t match M2’s but they were still great. Here’s hoping that the Mega Man collection is in 3D when it gets released. While on the topic of fantasy, maybe Nintendo could hire out a port of TGM4 from Arika once it’s released in the arcades?


  2. I’ll pick this up once I pick up an XL model, so my big stupid hands can grip the D-Pad properly and I have a bigger screen to handle the blast processing. Here’s to hoping Nintendo uses M2 for all their VC stuff in the future.


    1. Haven’t played it yet (comes out on PAL Wii U next month) but I liked the demo. Definitely got Sonic vibes from it. Has a few of its own movement quirks that make it unique, while keeping the speed buildup and general level structure of old Sonic. Though it felt a bit more floaty than I would have liked and had some technical problems. Just this lingering unpolished feeling. Will definitely try the full game though to get a proper impression.

      I honestly haven’t liked a Sonic game since the Rush games on DS, but I know some of the other guys enjoyed Lost World. Really wish I could say I’m a big Sonic fan haha, but there’s just so much trash now. I grew up on the old games though.


      1. Never had a Genesis as a kid, so I didn’t play Sonic until the 2000’s. The first Sonic game I owned was actually Rush, and while CD and 3&K were excellent, I think Rush was the best due to its pacing, trick system, boss battles, soundtrack, and special stages that didn’t make me want to throw the system against a wall.

        I’ve seen a few technical problems in Freedom Planet so far. Supposedly it got delayed due to some issues with crashes. Looks like they didn’t iron everything out. I had one freeze during a cutscene, and a few small issues like the screen snapping in a boulder chase sequence and words wrapping on a per-letter basis. Running around and fighting enemies seems to work as designed though, and that’s what’s most important. I don’t think it deserves to stand on the same level as classic Sonic, but I’ve enjoyed it so far. It does beat Sonic when it comes to boss battles, though. Rival fights give you lots of room to run around and chase each other, and big boss fights feature your allies participating directly.


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