2 thoughts on “F***heads – The Right Team

  1. I always love these little recurring segments. You know, there’s so many times I want to comment on stuff but I always seem to forget my WordPress password for whatever reason and then time out and can’t log in. I just reset again so since I’ve done that I might as well take a moment to let you all (though judging from the articles, mostly Grubdog) that this site is still a favorite of mine to check out and I love the work you all do here. There’s a lot of great stuff here. Whoever created the banner a while ago of “Games Were a Mistake” with an appalled/disgusted Miyamoto face is a comedy genius. That had me chuckling to myself for some time and I still love when it pops up.

    Anyways, just wanted to give you a little bit of feedback as I know for any writers and content providers that it helps keep one motivated to know that people do see and appreciate the work you put forth and expend on a project. I look forward to what else may yet come.


    1. Thank you so much. One of the main motivations for growing this site is to create a community feeling for gamers who share a similar mindset, so it always makes me happy when people read or respond.


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