Nintendo Switch trailer analysis

  • 0:24 That’s a big dog!
  • 0:25 That’s a big dock! What’s in there, some flash storage and a dedicated 1080p upscaler?
  • 0:35 Fuck that dog is big.

  • 0:59 >tfw too shy to talk to the cute girl at an airport lounge playing GBA back in 2003
  • 1:05 Kickstand? What is this a Surface?
  • 1:06 Headphone jack? In 2017? How retro
  • 1:07 Wait is that fucking Skyrim?
  • 1:22 I guess those are exhaust fans on the tablet? My iPad doesn’t need those… Must be some beastly hardware* in this thing.
  • 1:30 That is Skyrim. What other Xbox 360 games will be ported?
  • 1:45 So I guess we’ve got split screen multiplayer with each player using a detachable controller. That’s pretty cool. This also confirms that each of the detachables has its own battery too. And possibly motion controls.
  • 1:58 I’m finding it extremely difficult to believe that people would sit down for a quick game of NBA Jive or whatever after playing some real pickup hoops. Four player, two machine wireless multiplayer is pretty cool though.
  • 2:06 I can’t tell if the first person of colour in this promotional package was actually participating in the game or just there for a culturally appropriate hand gesture/celebration.
  • 2:22 I guess Amiibos aren’t going away yet.
  • 2:30 Maybe one day I might be cool enough to have hipster friends who hang out on rooftops to drink. If that ever happens I sure as fuck don’t want to scare them off by bringing my Nintendo over with me.
  • 2:42 Wait what’s going on? Is this some sorta dance rehearsal with soccer tactics?
  • 3:05 Oh wait no, they’re just eSports competitors.
  • 3:10 Splatoon? But Nintendo’s biggest eSport is Pokémon. Hold on, those kids are taller than Splatoon on WiiU, those are new hairstyles! Is this a new Splatoon?
  • 3:19 I wonder if Nintendo realises they have to actively foster a competitive scene?

*Wait what? it’s just a Tegra? Apologies to Emily Rogers for not believing her.

4 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch trailer analysis

  1. This was the 3 and a half minutes of gaming related news all year. Well worth the wait. This system seems to take what Nintendo learned from the Wii and Wii U and perfected it. I can’t wait for more info. March can’t come soon enough.


    1. Yeah once you peel away my cynicism over the style of marketing, I’m actually really impressed by this. I’m a weirdo who wanted a premium tablet gaming device.


  2. Sounds like you haven’t really been following Splatoon. There have been a number of huge tournaments in Japan supported by Nintendo, with the developers themselves attending and Splatoon’s official Twitter account constantly tweeting about the events. One of the devs even got up on stage and thanked everyone and started crying. There was another Splatoon tournament with a 1 million dollar prize, has Pokemon even come close to that? There’s also the ESL tournament in Europe, which was one of the first times Nintendo mentioned the Switch (or “NX”), as a prize. Not to mention it’s a team-based game with skill involved, significantly more fun to watch than the stale Pokemon meta-game. It’s also balanced with no clear overpowered strategy. Splatoon is the future.


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