Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Finding Fang

fangsorrowI’m so sorry Fang. It’s been 3 years since we’ve had a proper conversation. I missed you so much. I missed everybody, and I’ve been a terrible Mayor. Everyone was so worried while I was blissfully and ignorantly playing other games. Upon returning to my town I was met with a lot of different emotions, and a strong realisation. This town deserves better.

watertearsA tear escaped my eye and landed in my watering can. Plunk. Fang looked over and I pretended that I just hit the can with my hand, and proceeded to water the flowers outside his house. It was a small gesture compared to the damage I had done, but it was a start. I couldn’t possibly make up for 3 years of neglect in a night. Watering these flowers filled me with hopes of revitalising the town. I wanted to get this habit started as soon as possible, and who knows what else could grow. The flowers responded to my water with delight. They sparkled in the 11pm moonlight, and I hoped Fang would notice. Maybe not now, but when he was walking home for the night.

I needed more to do. Even though I just spoke to Fang, I approached him again. He was my closest neighbour and I just wanted it to feel like the old days. He mentioned he was hungry, and not just for anything! He specifically wanted an Orange. This was my chance to do something good. I had the ability to make Fang’s night.

I ran around town looking for just the right fruit. We had lots of apple trees. I was proud of our native fruit, but it wasn’t quite acidic enough for Fang’s tastes tonight. I kept running and found pears, cherries and peaches, but no sign of oranges. Surely we had some. The pleasant sound of the river interrupted my frenzy, extending its ripples with what felt like a hug. I forgot what the river felt like. Everything in this town, the trees, the water, the bugs, the fish, the ground and the sky, were my friends. I was so happy to be back, and so relieved that everyone still liked me. The river wasn’t judging me, it was accepting me.


There they are! By the river, the tangy smell of oranges swept over my face with a nice breeze. Mmmmm! After shaking one of the trees, I put three oranges in my pocket. I couldn’t wait to give one to Fang.


Aw, Fang. I didn’t realise the orange meant THAT much to you. I guess you can go a little crazy with 3 years of neglect. He mainly patrolled near his house, and didn’t venture to the other side of the river much. The more I thought about it, the more I realised that 3 years was Fang’s whole life. Before building this town I don’t think he had a home. This overload of joy from Fang made me feel a bit guilty, but also welcomed. This town needed me.


While Fangy was getting tangy I took a moment to myself. The view of the ocean felt like a splash of nostalgia on my face, and the seat was so comfy. I missed this place so much. In the calm midnight ambience, my mind started coming up with ideas. I had to show I was serious about being a good Mayor. I needed new clothes, to start. This country outfit did not suit me anymore. The Year of Luigi paraphernalia also had to go, it was great in 2013 but depressing to relive over and over. I also had to show Fang I was serious about being his friend.

I still had two oranges in my pocket. I hadn’t eaten much all day so I gobbled one down. Nom num crunch splat. Absolutely delicious. After quenching my appetite I still had another orange, and the perfect plan for it.

fangpresentThere we go, just the spot. I planted the last orange right next to Fang’s house. He is going to love this. Next time he wants an orange there will be plenty right outside his door.

These take a while to grow, so I came back every day to water it just in case. It’s not always necessary, but I had to be sure it was growing properly. Sure enough…


There it was! Big and ripe, the tree had blossomed with beautiful oranges. Fang couldn’t believe it. I sat excitedly in front of Fang’s house all morning, waiting for him to wake up. After noticing the tree he came to tell me about it, he was that excited. I didn’t have to say anything. We were both happy, and we both loved our town.


We weren’t just neighbours anymore. We were friends.

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