Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 9.0.0 – Putting the AAA in Updaaate

That’s right! The hotly anticipated new firmware update is now available on Switch. We knew it was coming, but nobody expected it to drop today! Wow! They didn’t even announce it in the Nintendo Direct, that’s how secretive it was.

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of excitement when something new happens. The Nintendo Switch 9.0.0 Firmware Update captures that feeling in a single moment, with a surprise pop-up on the Home menu asking if you want to update.

What an incredible moment. They really nailed the impact here. As I’m resuming my game of Astral Chain, this important choice pops up and I’m not sure if I saved or not. Many different emotions ran through me. The system update is a completely different experience depending on the game you’re playing. A game like Splatoon is not easy to reboot so you might wanna update between rotations or when you’re done, a week later. A single player game might require a save first before shutting down. You could be 30 minutes from the next save point, or it could be right there. A game like Super Kirby Clash that autosaves every second can freely be closed and give you the quickest update experience. It’s the dynamic nature of a system update that guarantees a high emotional impact for your individual needs.

If you don’t get an exciting notification, you can go to system settings and update manually on the System tab, or view the article in the News tab and click the update button down the bottom. The update is over in seconds, runs at 60fps, and maintains native 1080p resolution docked, and 720p in handheld with no frame-drops. It also continues while in sleep mode, an impressive optimisation. It’s a bit like Animal Crossing because it’s making progress and things are happening, whether you’re watching it or not.

What does the update do? Well, that’s not the important part. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey a brand new update takes you on. It’s a roller-coaster of emotions that eventually stops where it left off… and suddenly you find yourself more stable than ever. More importantly, your Switch is now more stable. All your games are now a little bit better. That input lag in Splatoon might be slightly better and give you more confidence to slay. Maybe the load times are 0.1 seconds faster in Fire Emblem. The sound might suddenly work in Deadly Premonition. You’ll never know for sure, but you know something good happened. Sometimes that’s enough to bring out your best self.

A stable Switch means a stable mind. Your life is about to flourish with its utmost potential growing outwards into brand new leaves of joy. Branches of friendship extend to everyone in your circle, as flowers bloom into new circles. Every game will benefit from Switch’s stability, and all your friends and family will benefit from yours. This is the greatest thing that ever happened in your life. 8.0.0 users will see you and instantly know you’ve installed 9.0.0.

Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 9.0.0 is out now and free! I rate it a solid 9 out of 9. It’s a strong “Game of the Year” candidate unless the 10.0.0 update comes out before the end of the year. Stay tuned!

Awww yeah. Not sure about you, but I’m feeling very stable and up to date. Let me know how exciting your update experience was in the comments, I can’t wait to hear more stories. What an exciting time of year.

One thought on “Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 9.0.0 – Putting the AAA in Updaaate

  1. I’m surprised there weren’t more articles like during the Wii U era for all the great updates it had.


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