Astral Chain – Odd Jobs (Walking the Beat)

Hi. My name’s Grubdog, but you can call me Grub. As everyone knows, redshift matter is threatening to end civilisation and monsters known as chimeras are ravaging Earth. It’s an important issue but someone still has to do the everyday things. We have built a nice little place here on the Ark and I’m gonna make sure it stays that way.

Being a cop in 2078 is pretty sweet, I’ve got all sorts of technology to help people with. My legion is the best there is, and I’ve got an amazing device called IRIS (Integrated Reality Imaging System) to scan the area with. I can track signals, highlight important things, hack security cameras right there and watch the footage without having to go back to the station. Pretty nifty. Of course, all this technology doesn’t mean I’m above a bit of manual work.

In you go. A side effect of having vending machines everywhere means there’s empty cans all over the place, I must have picked up hundreds by now. Cats love them, too. If I want to get a cats attention I can roll this along the ground and the cat forgets I’m even here. Cute little things have no idea what’s going on. We’re not allowed to bring them back to the station for fear of redshift contamination, but we have a nice little place for strays outside the city. To get here I need to “fast travel” which is another advanced cop technique, taught to me by Lappy.

All the cats are safe and sound in here and I bring them all the food they need. Hopefully when this redshift problem is over the cats will be able to find proper homes, but until then, this will do. I like to come here not just to feed them, but to remind myself what’s at stake. After the great Koala extinction, we can’t lose any more animals. I’m not just in this job for myself. I’m doing it for the cats. I’m not sure where they poop, though. I’ve seen Lappy come here a few times, probably cleaning up for them. I’m extremely grateful.

Back to work. Things are pretty hectic right now with more redshift gates opening, and we’re getting a bit behind in supply transport. An officer needed some help carrying supplies, and I was more than willing to help. We’re trained to be able to carry 4 boxes at a time, but it’s not easy. Balance is very important and I have to keep my body completely still while walking. No sudden movements. Oops.

Whelp. Good thing these boxes just had clothes in them, nothing broken. After a bit of a struggle I got as many boxes moved as I could and the supply truck was on its way. We all have to do our part, whether it’s small or large. It doesn’t matter if you fail as long as you are doing your best.

I can’t take all the credit, of course. I’m very lucky to have legions I can switch between. I can use my Beast legion to follow scents and dig up piles of rubbish, you never know what rare item you might find there. Sometimes it’s just cat food but they don’t sell that at vending machines, so I get it where I can.

Scent tracking is helpful if I’m looking for a missing person, or even a criminal. That’s right, even in times where humans need to unite as one, we still have the odd joker trying to make things more difficult. That’s where the chain on my legions helps, I can wrap them around somebody to tie them up very quickly. So far it’s just the usual graffiti artist getting a slap on the wrist, and a couple of robberies. The important thing is that everyone else feels safe and knows something will be done if a crime is committed. I can jump on my Beast legion and run extra fast to catch even the most slippery criminal.

Feels good man. Sometimes when I see people feeling down, the Sword legion gives them a big hug and makes everything better. I can’t imagine being hugged by a sword would feel good, but my Sword legion has the ability to absorb red matter from people’s bodies and cleanse them. Too much red matter getting into people’s bodies can make them sick or worse, transform into something nasty. It’s very rewarding to see people’s reactions when they are “cured”, and important to stop redshift in any way possible.

There is also red matter to clean up everywhere on the streets. Civilians can’t detect this at all, so it feels like a very unique responsibility I have. This is something any legion can do, all I have to do is walk them over it and they absorb it. Hopefully it has no long term affects. I make sure to clean my legions after every case and give them a good scrub back at the office.

There’s really no end to my duties as a police officer at Neuron. A new day brings new jobs. The cities are bustling with people and everyone has their own problems, ideas and needs. Not everyone feels like interacting directly, but people are going about their day as best they can. I can hear people just muttering lines as they walk by, and dozens of people in groups just chilling and commenting on events. I’d say there’s probably hundreds of individual people on some days just hanging around. People taking the bus, crossing the road when the light goes green, buying icecream. It’s a lot to take in, but it fills this place with a wholesome city feeling and gives me more motivation to protect it. This place is worth fighting for.

This is Grub signing out for now, my next case is classified. Don’t forget to pick up empty cans when you see them.

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