Matto’s YouTube Recommendations

Wait a second, I like shit on YouTube? I sure do! Here are some of my recommendations.


Let’s face facts: you and I love it when stupid people do stupid things on home video and the outcome is painful and hilarious. It is why American’s Funniest Home Videos has still managed to stay on television for almost thirty years, but AFV as people like to call it has faced major competition thanks to the internet, and one of those competitors is FailArmy.

FailArmy is basically AFV on YouTube without a host telling crappy jokes over footage. Need further proof this is basically what it is? Go on YouTube and watch old episodes of AFV when Bob Sagat was still the host.


Gaming history videos where a user plays through a certain amount of games on a specific system released during a specific time in history got their start thanks to one man named Dr. Sparkle with a series called Chrontendo. Chrontendo is a nearly fifty-part video series that tackled the Famicom and NES release history from Famicom’s inception in 1983 up to the middle of 1989. The series is still on-going, but Dr. Sparkle isn’t the fastest person when it comes to uploading videos.

When he does, expect Dr. Sparkle to do good retrospectives of them in a short period of time. Since Chrontendo, he also created the ChronSega series which examined the Sega Master System’s inception to the early years of the Mega Drive, and ChronTurbo, which looked at the PC Engine/Turbograpx16 system from its inception. They are definitely great to marathon and listen to when you are doing something else, since I’ve watched them almost over a hundred times already.

Jeremy Parish

Another gaming history video author! Jeremy Parish is familiar to most long-time Pietriots readers as the guy who gave Wario Land: Shake It a dumb review, but after going freelance with Retronauts Parish has seemed to chill down a bit. In 2013 Parish started a video series called Game Boy World, which looked at the worldwide game release history of the Game Boy. 

Since then, he has made two more ongoing series: NES Works, which focused on the American NES library history and SNES Works, which is the same as NES Works only for the SNES. He does Gaiden videos like Segaiden which focuses on the Switch SEGA Ages line, or ones related to the other Works series. He updates usually every Wednesday, and right now he has another ongoing series in the works… Game Boy Color Works. He also just happened to finish a Virtual Boy Works series as well which is probably the only video series on YouTube to cover the Virtual Boy library as a whole in-depth, which is quite impressive.

Vinesauce Vinny and Joel

Most gaming YouTubers tend to suck ass majorly (hi Arlo), though there are a few I actually do like watching with my fellow Pietriots. While I am sure most of you have heard of Vinesauce, the two most prominent members of the Vinesauce crew are Vinny and Joel. While Vinny and Joel tend to do streams on latest releases, they also willingly play a lot of garbage, and watching them play garbage is hilarious. There “best of” footage is what is linked up above, though you can reach their full channels via links on their actual YouTube pages.

Also, if you haven’t heard, Joel is the one who discovered Grand Dad.


Stunning confession: I don’t like GameGrumps. While Arin “Egoratpro” Hansen came into our hearts to the Awesome flash series, his actual skills at video games ranges from hilariously incompent to bafflingly incompetent. Granted, nobody is perfect at video games (hell I’m not either) but when a guy’s incompetence can make classic games look bad to younger audiences, I want to shit a brick. While I get being bad at games can be comedic at times, with GameGrumps it isn’t.

OneyPlays on the other hand, while they sometimes don’t complete games, are more competent at playing said games and are also much more funnier. While Chris O’Neil “OneyNG” had a good trio going with fellow OneyPlays members Ding Dong and Julian, they have since left to develop games. While his other guests are hit or miss, the trio of Oney, Ding Dong and Julian were extremely funny to listen to. If you need proof, watch their Kingdom Hearts playthrough.

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