When whining achieves nothing.

First, view this tweet so you have context. Turns out WordPress wouldn’t put the Tweet in a image for three paragraphs worth of me being a smarmy shit. Whoops.

Yes, it has actually been that long since Nintendo introduced the SNES app to Switch Online members. With the announcement came an update; updating wouldn’t be normal again. It is now December, and one has to wonder where the updates went. That’s easy; the updates stopped because Nintendo probably got sick of the whining on YouTube and Twitter.

Every single time the NES app updated in North America, obnoxious vocal YouTubers and Twitter users would voice their disdain about Nintendo’s online service because it doesn’t have certain useless features and downvote every single YouTube update trailer for the NES app. Note that aside from the 2015 E3 Digital Event and the Federation Force debut trailer, most other videos are not downvoted. Yet these got it near constantly. Until SMB The Lost Levels made it’s app debut and the users now used VideoGameDunkey memes. Memes, I should note, that were not funny dank, but dank as fuck.

So yeah, we could have had monthly updates, but Nintendo stopped them. Why put effort into something that will be constantly shat on regardless of what you put on the service even if it’s good? Besides Nintendo’s own back catalog, Nintendo can’t do much with Third Parties because most are content with releasing shitty cash-grab collections. Maybe we might ses another major update with the next Nintendo Direct? I would love to see Kirby Super Star on the app and the DKC trilogy, but I can almost guarantee the announcement will get ten thousand downvotes on Twitter.

And people wonder why I hate gaming fans most of the time.

3 thoughts on “When whining achieves nothing.

  1. I don’t think Nintendo is really affected much by random tweets but yeah this trend of mass-downvoting or review bombing is a bigger thing. Usually it’s not for an obvious reason and just spreads misinformation. For the most part though I think it’s easy to ignore. You could always just buy an actual SNES or SNES Classic to play more of these games, Nintendo has no real obligation to release everything in their back catalogue on Switch.

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