Why GameInformer Makes Me Want To Punch A Kitten

Here we have a lovely piece about one of the greatest games of the last decade, Xenoblade Chronicles. It's an "amazing game" says the author, Chris Warcraft of GameInformer. It features an "epic storyline" with "engaging characters" and "fresh combat". However. Let's instead talk about the one bad thing. WHY ISN'T IT IN HIGH DEFINITION? … Continue reading Why GameInformer Makes Me Want To Punch A Kitten

“Durp!” – David Cage: “I think I know what interactive entertainment is!”

There were so many stupid comments made recently that I really got overwhelmed and couldn't do any of them.  Oh, and I blame that flop 3DS system thing.  Anyway, back to work! Our latest "Durp!" comes from the mouth of David Cage, known for that Heavy Rain game that is a disgrace to the ADV … Continue reading “Durp!” – David Cage: “I think I know what interactive entertainment is!”

“Durp!” – David Jaffe: [Insert not-so-classy comparison here]

Hello, and welcome to another edition of "Durp!"  This time we cover our favorite developer (to make fun of), David Jaffe.  With the NGP announced, surely he's had time to come up with some sort of riveting, yet orthodox, opinion on the "Next Generation Portable" (that happens to just do things that current systems already … Continue reading “Durp!” – David Jaffe: [Insert not-so-classy comparison here]

“Durp!” – Capcom: “Durrr, no one plays handhelds anymore!”

Welcome to "Durp!", a feature based around what there is far too much of: members of the gaming industry making completely and utterly retarded and/or unsubstantiated comments that make those with even the most minute amount of common sense or respect for gaming cringe in disgust. And we’re going to start this with an absolute … Continue reading “Durp!” – Capcom: “Durrr, no one plays handhelds anymore!”

“Durp!” – “Epic Games”? Try EPIC FAIL

Epic Games' CEO Mark Rein has been long known to have some unfathomable grudge against Nintendo for reasons unknown, most likely due to reasons surrounding Nintendo not buying their god-awful Unreal Engine license.  Late last year, Mark made a rather amusing comment when asked about Nintendo's 3DS. "It's below our [minimum specifications], from what we … Continue reading “Durp!” – “Epic Games”? Try EPIC FAIL

The 3rd Party Wall of Shame

Editor's note: This project was initially presented on January 27, 2010 and finalized on April 4, 2010 somewhere in Former Nintendo Fan Report Planet (FNFRP). FNFRP staff said its community was being too "positive" about Wii and Nintendo in general, so we decided to deliver some fresh, steaming negativity. "Why do you hate 3rd Parties … Continue reading The 3rd Party Wall of Shame