“Nintendo Insiders” Are Idiots and You Need To Stop Paying Attention To Them

Well, something interesting just got revealed from an ex-Retro Studios concept artist. Here is what they are. I’d say the art looks good, but the concept wasn’t good enough for Nintendo to put down money. This of course leads to concern trolling Nintendo insiders being what I call “Cancel Grievers”, meaning they concern troll Nintendo’s operations of it’s developers because of could’ve been projects that we hardly knew anything about.

Here is one fun Twitter comment and a follow up that has made me go ‘lol’. However, do not go and harass this person with “facts”, they won’t listen to you and honestly could come across as bullying.

Retro’s complete collapse lost us the Sheik game I’ve been asking for ages and probably Star Fox’s last shot.

So thanks. – an actual comment.

Yes, somehow Retro completely ‘collapsed’ between this time after making a third great Metroid Prime game and then later a Donkey Kong game. It’s no secret three major leads of the Prime trilogy jumped ship because they hated how Nintendo was dictating everything and turning them into a “Metroid Prime” factory that Emily Rogers hilariously called them. What has made Retro collapse is that Nintendo loosened their grip on the company and caused them to fart around after DKC: Tropical Freeze, which was and still is a fantastic game but after this long they couldn’t follow up jack with it.

To these people, Retro is the only studio that somehow matters in North America. To be honest, while Retro may be working on Metroid Prime 4 after Nintendo tried the triple A development method (multiple world-wide studios and the method just didn’t work for them), Nintendo, a Japanese company with many employees still with them from the 80s and 90s that are training the old guard, can’t control the North American game development which sees tons of job switching. Retro is no exception, but you know those three big Prime devs? Wonder what they ended up doing? Not a whole lot.

Here’s another fun comment with the user hidden that replied to the fun tweet above.

@UserHidden Is it Retro’s collapse, or Nintendo’s lack of trust in any developer that doesn’t work in Japan?

‘Cause it seems like it’s that.

Lack of trust in non-Japanese developers? What the hell was this game then?


Two sequels to Luigi’s Mansion were developed for 3DS and Switch, and by the same studio. Next Level Games in Vancouver, BC, CANADA. Both games are respective hits on their platforms, and Luigi’s Mansion 3 has sold over six million in under a year. I bolded Canada because Canada is in North America, and is my home country. Next Level has made games for Nintendo through four different Nintendo systems, and aside from one game they have all done well. Even copyright infringement didn’t ruin their relationship after someone snuck a bit of a Sailor Moon manga panel into Punch-Out Wii!

Oh right, that doesn’t matter because Triple A development only means certain genres that Western developers favor: open world games, first/third person war shooters. Hey, guys, maybe just stick to whining about Nintendo Directs not being constant, because with business views you guys tend to be bonkers with stupid opinions that give me a headache.

Also, Breath of the Wild and Splatoon exists, and Breath of the Wild is seeing a sequel soonish.

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