So you’re mad about Bakugan on Switch…

So it was awesome seeing live gameplay of Paper Mario: The Origami King for Switch, but before the stream Nintendo announced Wayforward was going to show something off that was third party related. Speculation, of course, followed, we even had our guesses it came from a third party like Konami. Except, eh, it was Bakugan.


Funny enough, this meme image is based on a classic Simpson episode and somebody actually made a fan game of the golf game Bart actually got.

So what comes is the obvious “let’s blame Nintendo for this because it is their fault!” when you could, you know, think about the following:

  • Who at Nintendo of America really wanted this shown off after Paper Mario of all things?
  • Is this really the best Warner Bros. has to offer to us and to make Wayforward Technologies develop?
  • On top of that, why did Warner Bros. want this shown off after a game people wanted?

What people forget often (or don’t bother thinking about) is that Nintendo, even when successful, is in a position where they can’t tell third parties what to do, or face 1) public shaming from said publisher and 2) no software releases. Nintendo could have just told Warner Bros. to fuck off and not waste time with an NoA Treehouse Live (the first one done under COVID restrictions, mind you) but if that happened? Say goodbye to future support.

On the other hand, watching grown adults (specifically grown men) getting angry about a kid’s game does remind me of this funny image.

adult pool

You are not allowed in the kiddy pool, children, only grown up gamers.

2 thoughts on “So you’re mad about Bakugan on Switch…

  1. Anyone annoyed by this is kinda disillusioned and will buy whatever Nintendo makes regardless. I’m over being upset about this kind of thing. I just hope people realise that hard-working developers are behind all these games and not everything has to be made specifically for you.


  2. Here’s my advice: Don’t speculate.

    I’d seen the announcement yesterday and the fact that NoA Twitter had to follow it up in minutes that the WayForward was for a 3rd party title suggests people were just instantly jumping to crazy conclusions and expectations. I’d seen some of the speculation too but I didn’t put any stock in it because none of it was based on any facts. I’d forgotten about the Treehouse event today and then later in the afternoon saw people talking about Bakugen (which I don’t know a thing about) and then learned it was the WayForward announcement. It meant nothing to me so I went back on with my day because it was nothing of interest to me.

    I know I’ve been guilty in the past of speculating on announcements for games and Directs. Heck, one of my few articles here was on speculating about a Smash Bros. Direct. But speculation is really more just throwing out your dream game fantasies and so there’s less chance of them actually coming true when an announcement rolls around. Hence, I’ve begun to stop bothering with that more and more. Not speculating on things makes life better in a lot of areas beyond just a game announcement. Then if something is announced that you like then its all good and if its unappealing that you don’t really care and move on without having gotten yourself hyped up for nothing.


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