I am always right.

Just dropping by real quick because look what happened to Takedown.
takedown's metascore; 27
Remember that time I warned that this game would be terrible and that I wish it failed? It was the time I said exactly that and then the developers, along with their little troupe of fans, came in to defend them. Guess they had good reason to be defensive? Of course I haven’t played it myself, I’ve been busy playing a quality Kickstarter game by the name Shadowrun. But wow, 27? I didn’t know IGN scored that low.

Pietriots Man of the Year – Nominees

The Pietriots Man of the Year is our annual award honouring individuals for their contribution to gaming drama during the calender year. Everyday gaming news tragics like me devour the latest corruption and sex scandals that engulf the gaming industry. It’s easy to get so caught up in the melodramatics that you lose the time to play games! Not that it matters though as many of this year’s nominees were more entertaining than the games they were invovled with. So without further ado, here are the nominees for the 2012 Pietriots Man of the Year.

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I wish the TAKEDOWN kickstarter failed

With the successes of Double Fine’s unnamed adventure game and Wasteland 2Kickstarter is the current darling of the independent gaming community and ‘crowdsourcing’ the hot new buzzword being thrown around by insufferable energetic web 2.0 conmen. Kickstarter hasn’t always been a success though, my favourite unfunded project being the criminals who developed Tony Hawk Ride failing to fund some marble madness clone they wanted to inflict on us. If only the same could be said about smug upstart Serellan’s lame sounding tactical shooter TAKEDOWN.

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