IGN Black Beta Select Awards – Pietriots Style

The what awards? Black Betty select who? I asked the same questions the day before the event. On Friday IGN AU held an event at the Maritime Museum in Sydney to announce the best games of 2012 sponsored by Mountain Dew. It sounded like the last place you’d ever expect to see a Pietriot, but also an opportunity. Out of the blue someone offered me a ticket and I jumped on it. Free food, beer, games to play? Why not. It was all worth it when I saw this!


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New Super Mario Bros 2 – Review from 2022

Recently, I decided to take a break from modern gaming; there’s only so many ads and achievements I can take. I’ve gone back to New Super Mario Bros. 2 on my 3DS Micro for some classic fun, and man this game has aged well! Why can’t Nintendo go back to this style? I’m sick of these annual 3.75D Mario games clogging the market.

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Thoughts – Wii U, E3, Community Reaction

Holy shit! This is the most excited I’ve ever been about a new game console – Nintendo blew my mind with their presentation and I loved every little thing. In fact, the little things were the best part. No catchy title here; I’m just going to run through my thoughts as I watched the conference, and then afterwards when I looked around the community.

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