XSEED Localizing The Last Story – And So Much More

On the impulse to find a source copy of the latest The Last Story trailer (the yankee release is, oh shit – next month), I hit up the goog in an effort to find a backdoor to XSEED Games’ PR site. I found something else entirely.

SafeSearch is off

I knew XSEED has had reasonable success in bringing various titles to the West, but many never guessed they had the reputation or resources to take on The Last Story. This alternative revenue stream must’ve been the key to securing Nintendo’s trust. However, following that particular link doesn’t direct you to the pre-order bonus.

– Bill Aurion, tricked by a search link

Hopefully you can find the correct link on XSEED’s online store and successfully score the game-enhancing pre-order bonus (always 15% off for all reorders, free samples for all orders, 100% quality – oh my).

Prepare for an epic adventure with your Wii next month.

The Last Story – A New Page In Game Design

The Last Story is captivating. It tells the story of a group of honest mercenaries striving to be knights – not so they can dominate the world – but merely on the hope of a good night’s sleep without one eye open. The story that unfolds is wonderfully intriguing and engaging, and with fun gameplay and interactive environments; you’re not just watching or reading the story, you’re PLAYING it. It’s a fairy tale set in a living, breathing world that embraces the interactive nature of videogames. It’s such a different game in so many aspects and brings a lot of new things to the table in terms of how you approach things as a player. I could fill this entire paragraph with buzzwords and verbal wankery, and still fail to capture what the game is like. Everything has a magical, whimsical story-telling feel to it, like a long descriptive dream with talented British voice actors. It’s a love story because I’m in love with this game.

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