A Shadow’s Tale – Impressions

The game is incredible. It hit me with its immersive atmosphere right at the title screen. The haunting sounds, smooth gameplay and vague weird presentation is making me feel attached to the shadow world. It’s a really fascinating place, and traveling through it is really simple, the game is basically played in the background as a standard platformer. Moving around objects in the foreground alters the background and that’s how puzzles are implemented in the game. Motion controls haven’t been used much yet, just basic pointer interaction. Everything is flowing so well, the game is pure gameplay non-stop, area after area. Lots of clever level design too. The character movement feels like the old Prince of Persia games, except not as clunky and the jumping is more refined.

4 thoughts on “A Shadow’s Tale – Impressions

  1. 1 out of 2 Fists

    My “concern” (LOL that word) with this game is the primary action takes place only on a small portion of the TV screen, making it a tougher sell. An extreme example would be playing any other action game solely by its radar/mini-map.

    Is there any option to zoom into the shadow area?


  2. Nah that’s unfounded, it basically is zoomed in on the shadow area already. You actually have to look at the very edges of the screen for some items to manipulate too.

    The one drawback of the game so far would be the combat and “enemies”. It’s a bit clunky.


  3. If that’s the case, then last year’s screenshots weren’t doing the game justice. I had written it off. Sounds like they spent the last year working hard to fix the camera.


  4. I beat the game last night and the game really opens up a lot. It’s a long game too, for the type of game it is (100% gameplay). I liked it more and more towards the end which is usually the opposite for me. Lots of variety and good puzzles. None of them really stumped me though, they made me feel smart and appreciate the game, but it was fairly straight forward. Some of the areas seem like they were made just to be fun.


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