Move over, Nintendo

In a “Move” that highlighted their innovative and interactive approach to gaming, Sony mysteriously dropped two tons of bananas in the city of Sydney on Thursday. It was done to promote their brand new Move motion controller in a stroke of marketing genius. Sony reps were around the whole day giving away bananas, encouraging people to Move and burn off the extra energy. A concept almost as inspired as Move itself. Sony had a PS3 system set up in the heart of Circular Quay on a huge screen, playing their smash hit game Heavy Rain, which launched this year and is now compatable with the Move device. People were taking turns playing all day, it’s so simple, you don’t even need to press buttons anymore. Everyone was getting involved, all you need to do is move your hands to play. Onlookers were “Moved” by the games emotional  storyline and deep messages, emphasising how much Move connects players to the game.

Everyone went home inspired that day

There were many classic moments, like when one of the girls playing the game started crying at the same time the character on screen was crying. Everyone around started crying too in an effort to get immersed in the game. At the end of the day, the ground was flooded with tears and banana peels in an ironic juxtaposition, highlighting how Move can touch people in many ways. PS3 is a system for everyone, whether you enjoy a good banana, or like to ponder the meaning of life as entertainment history stands in front of you. The event was a huge success and a great day was had by all, this is set to solidify Sony’s position in the market, as the company that’s all about the experience. Ah Sony, what will they do next?

4 thoughts on “Move over, Nintendo

  1. You really have to feel sorry for Nintendo. Who’s going to buy a Wii now that you can get motion controls on a system NOT named after urine? I told you Nintardo fantards nobody would want to buy something called a “WEEEEEEEE”, but you didn’t believe me. Now they’re getting bit in the ass. I’m even going to dig up my old forum posts to prove I actually said that and rub it in your faces.

    My nongamer uncle bought a Wii at launch, played Wii waggle sports for about 5 minutes, got bored, and now his Wii has been collecting dust (LOL) ever since. Last week he bought a PS3, 5 or 7 Move controllers, and Killzone 2. MOVE (LOL) over Nintendo, the new motion control champion has been crowned.


  2. Ahahahaha. Finally some people speaking my language. I told you nintards this day would come. Killzone 2 with 7 Move controllers…. oh my freaking god. Now that’s a party.


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