Confirmed fact: Wii U can’t play anything

Pietriots can today exclusively reveal that not only will Wii U not support DVD movie playback, but it won’t support VHS video playback either.

You will no longer be able to watch that video of Mary Poppins you taped off the TV in 1994.

This news has delivered a devastating, possibly fatal blow to the Wii U’s hopes of mainstream appeal. Already the list of confirmed media not supported by the device includes 7″ vinyl, cassette tapes, HD DVD and Sony’s popular UMD format. Crucially, laserdisc support has not been ruled out yet and I would speculate that Nintendo are courting third parties to release a USB floppy disk drive for the much maligned machine.

One thought on “Confirmed fact: Wii U can’t play anything

  1. Not only that, but Wii U renders all current machines you have useless, with an electromagnetic pulse that explodes upon opening the box. No more content ever.


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