Animal Crossing 3DS has furniture

Two HUGE new bits of information have been shot down from the sky (with a golden slingshot) and collected, regarding Animal Crossing 3DS.

– It’ll have new online experiences

– You can arrange furniture

The quote from Katsuya Eguchi, creator of Animal Crossing,

“To those Animal Crossing fans,” he said, “I just would like them to know that there’s progress and we should be able to offer a new download movie soon. As for features and specs of the game, I can’t go into too much detail, but players will be able to arrange their furniture the way they like, and we’ll be offering new networking experiences.”

Here’s the source, which doesn’t say the source, but links to another source, which ALSO doesn’t say the source but links to some guy who talked to Eguchi at some point during E3 and posted what he remembered. These blogs can print anything now and just send you in a fucking loop trying to figure out where the info came from.

So what do you guys think the new furniture experience will be like? Is he talking about taking beds outside, when camping? That’d be cool. Maybe we can take a picnic table out somewhere with a friend. Perhaps something radical, like killing your neighbours and turning their fluffy animal coats into rugs. What about the new online experience? I think there’s a chance they could use the 3DS features like SpotPass and the microphone for some communication. Fuck me.

This is how desperate we are for Animal Crossing 3DS information. Is the series really that exciting that every detail counts, or are people hoping it’s going to change? I’m thinking a bit of both, either way i’m frothing at the mouth for a new trailer or release date. It’d be great if the game wasn’t shit.

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