Animal Crossing 3DS, here’s the dirt…

E3 has given us an awesome new trailer for Animal Crossing 3DS, and it features cool new stuff like camping, swimming and diving, a bench to sit on, a potential boat dock, and wonderful new music.

The last game in the series, City Folk, was so crap it couldn’t even manage new music. However, City Folk was disappointing not only because it was uninspiring, but one of the few things it DID add, deformable paths, completely destroyed your town. After a few weeks everywhere you walked that had grass on it would turn to dirt, and eventually your town would look like it’d been hit with a bomb. The grass never grew back, unless you played the game every day for two months without walking anywhere. It was a terrible oversight that Nintendo never acknowledged, and the game sold like shit. Of course, it’s only a cosmetic feature, but Animal Crossing is all about being relaxing and fun, not an ATV stunt course. It was so depressing, I named my town Jericho and pretended it was a post apocalyptic time.

No, this isn’t the inside of a public toilet, it’s Animal Crossing City Folk on Wii after two weeks. All the grass is dead.

Anyway, I thought brighter days were ahead, but it looks like it might be back. Here’s Animal Crossing 3DS,

What’s your take on this? There’s two notable brown patches near each tree, where walking would happen a lot as you shake them for money or fruit, and the whole top bit is noticeably lighter. Is this a new feature of the game, having different looking ground textures, or is it just the lighting? I think the lighting could account for the lighter green grass at the top, it actually looks pretty nice. The dark green grass looks great too, and both compliment each other nicely. However the dirt patches are still there, and I can’t help but wonder if this entire screenshot would look like shit after the game has actually been played and settled into.

Two weeks later?

I’m optimistic for now, because even if it IS in the game, Nintendo can’t be stupid enough to make the same mistake with it again, with the grass not ever coming back. Plus, they can patch 3DS games right? I’m really excited about this game, and i’m bringing the issue up because I want answers. It would be great if a journalist at E3 could ask a question about it. Maybe they are just harmless patches of dirt that never expand, that’d be cool. I have no problem with dirt, but it’s not my life. I’d like the feature if it wasn’t so exaggerated, real grass doesn’t die when you walk on it for a few days. Animal Crossing 3DS has enormous potential, with these new things shown and 3DS’s streetpass and spotpass abilities, it’s going to be played a LOT. Let’s keep the town green please, Nintendo? Or white when its snowing. It’s a huge part of the experience, I want to like my town and play the game every morning.


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