Wii News: June Edition

No Monado this month. No Wii games, either.

4 thoughts on “Wii News: June Edition

  1. I always expected third parties to tard out like this, but never Nintendo.

    This is not an outcome I’m willing to allow. I hope my fellow Nintards keep up the good fight until victory is achieved.


  2. Nintendo simply has no confidence in these titles, and who can blame them really with the way the media treats them. It was journalists responsibility to tell the world Steel Diver was good, and they failed.


  3. That’s why I’m shocked so many game journalists have joined in on this little campaign. How many of them even knew of these games before this?

    I bet if Xenoblade was already released it would be getting a lot of 7.9’s and the usual bullshit whining Nintendo games get.

    “I wish this game was on an HD console.”

    “No achievements WTF?”


    Then they go back to shilling the lastest flavor-of-the-month grey/brown FPS while complaining about the lack of new IPs in the industry.


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