6 thoughts on “F***heads – Monster Hunter Blues

  1. Turns out its just a slightly upgraded port of Monster Hunter 3. Basically, Nintendo just wasted money on a company that has fucked them over, again.

    I seriously can’t wait for Sept. 13th. 😀


  2. Third Parties: Monster Hunter AND Nintendo games on the same system? We can’t compete with that. We’ll have to move all our games to Vita.


      1. But unlike the Wii version, that LKS might (MIGHT) have legitimate controls. It remains to be seen.

        Played LKS for an hour then gave up. I realized it was a very very late GameCube game considering how inconsiderate the devs were by not implementing any form of pointer controls. I bought a Wii to play Wii games, ffs.

        MH Tri was another disaster; it was a PS2/PSP game brandishing a Wii logo. The widescreen mode still ran at RE4:Wii’s blurry 360p, and the inept devs insisted on this weird Wii+Chuk scheme that wouldn’t take advantage of the fucking pointer. It even fooled players into buying a Dual Shock controller for their Gimmick Box. Fucking great, more 3rd Party sabotage, another exclusive dud. Canceled my pre-order following the demo.

        I didn’t get a Wii to play last-generation games. (but my Super Classic Controllers are intended to play classics that deserved to be kept, like Altered Beast)


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