Sony’s Treachery, Ten Years On

As the eleventh of September rolls around, the thoughts of everyone around the world will turn back to the victims of this terrible tragedy. And as we do, we let our minds wander towards the powerful feelings of sorrow, hate, and eventually a thirst for vengeance against the extremist group. Why? – we ask in exasperation, why did thousands have to die? Who could commit such atrocities? Certainly not Al Qaeda, a ragtag group of gun hobbyists in Central Asia. There is only one organisation with the resources, motive, willpower, and flagrant disregard for human life to disrupt the Nintendo GameCube launch in such an atrocious manner: Sony. Sony, the entertainment and electronic conglomerate were responsible for 9/11!!!!!!!

In the picture below, taken from a website that said it was from video footage of the World Trade Center attacks, you can clearly see the Sony logo on the tail of the plane. The other circles indicate where explosives, disguised as PS2s, were strapped to the exterior of the plan. You know, in case you’re too blind to make them out. I mean it’s clear to see, really.


But why would Sony, not Al Qaeda, fly planes into buildings? Let us paint the picture.

It’s 2001 and you’re Sony. You’ve spent the past 3 years building enormous hype for your new Playstation 2 and the Emotion Engine inside it. You’re throwing around figures like 75 million polygons a second and ‘accidentally’ compared your console to a super computer capable of guiding nuclear weapons. You’ve spun up so much hype that you’ve already killed your first opponent, the Sega Dreamcast, before you’ve even launched and it was a good thing too because once consumers had your PS2 in their hands they realised it was just an overclocked Dreamcast with a DVD player. And now a new threat arises: Nintendo. The same Nintendo that has learnt the mistake of the previous generation of consoles, enticing third party developers to jump onboard, even Sega has joined them. You can’t compete with them on power, you can’t compete with them on price, and you certainly can’t compete with them on quality of software. They’re launching this pillar of gaming on the 14th of September, what can you possibly do to disrupt the launch?

I know if I, or anyone for that matter, was in this position as a Sony executive without ethics or shame, launching a terrorist attack would be the most logical course of action for me and my shareholders. I mean just look at all the puzzle pieces.

Now I want everyone to come to their own conclusions by looking at the facts, like I did, but if you can’t put those puzzle pieces together into a picture that says SONY DID 9/11 then you’re an IDIOT. But if you’re still not convinced, I’ve got more shocking proof.


Look similar? Smoke billowing out of where the PS2’s air vents are. The plane aiming for the PS2 logo, even the sky in the background is the same. But just wait until I superimpose them.


Co-incidence? YOU DECIDE!

Next week I’ll reveal why Sony is responsible for skyrocketing divorce rates and with it, the decline of traditional family values in contemporary western culture.

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