Nintendo Creates the Ultimate Last-Gen Controller

… Using their old stuff.

Also comes in white

3rd Parties bitched and demanded Nintendo provide traditional input crap so they can focus on difficult PS3 ports, and thus Nintendo delivered. Now’s the time you’re supposed to whine about Nintendo copying Nintendo, and how they’re not trying anything new.

9 thoughts on “Nintendo Creates the Ultimate Last-Gen Controller

    1. Their track record indicates there’s plenty of time to turn it into a westernized, soulless action game like Spyborgs meets Vanquish meets Pikmin.


      1. Oh god, not another Spyborgs, I think this one is free of the “focus group” approach though, thanks to Nintendo. I’d rather they rename it “Non-Specific Action Game”.


  1. “3rd Parties are lukewarm to WiiU.”

    Alternate headline: “3rd parties can’t think of good gameplay ideas for WiiU and instead focus on money draining realism. Nintendo remains profitable and analysts erections wilt.”


  2. I noticed during E3 that bringing the last-gen to a close means shooting and stabbing enemies in the face in all Triple-A Hollywood blockbuster works of interactive art – the Industry is giving gamers what they want, right?

    The Wii U lawnch line-up is behind the times and really lacking according to this new popular trend. Nintendo has to fight to get True-Mature games all over again.


    1. True-Mature gamers didn’t buy Xenoblade Chronicles. They instead act like giant man-children who make me embarrassed to say I like video games to normal casual people.

      Triple-A Hollywood Flopbusters.


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