Nintendo is making Madden look bad

Wii U isn’t bombing hard enough for some journalists to feel secure, and another desperate doom article has surfaced. This “sports expert” on Kotaku has decided Wii U’s fate rests on Madden. Only 42 people were playing Madden on Wii U at some random point on Sunday, while Xbox 360 had 194236 billion people online! What do you have to say about THAT, Nintendo?



…thank you Banana. Let’s look at a few other reasons,

– ZombiU, Nintendo Land, Tekken, Mario, Sonic, Funky Barn etc. are all better games
– Xbox 360 has been out for 7 years
– Wii U has been out for a month
– Madden had no fans on Wii

According to Kotaku, this means Wii U is not a serious sports console. Not only that but somehow Wii has been dragged into this expert cynicism, here’s a juicy quote!

“While the Wii was probably the worst console of all time for sports video game development…”


The worst sports console of all time somehow has the highest selling sports game of all time. Doesn’t count, it’s a pack-in? Well how about Mario Kart Wii and Wii Sports Resort, selling over 30 million each and still going. Significantly more than any Madden game; the highest one being Madden 2004 at 5.5 million.

What the fuck has Madden done for sports lately? Why should we be championing this dead franchise as a symbol of relevancy? What adds more to a sports game, new control schemes or microtransactions?

“That last quality speaks to the real barrier for sports video games on the Wii U, as it raises the ages-old complaint that Nintendo offers an outstanding platform — for Nintendo.”

Complaint. Wow. Fuck all these great Nintendo games, they’re making Madden look bad! Is it Nintendo’s fault that EA didn’t use the GamePad properly in Madden? Why would Madden fans be lining up for Wii U? What’s stopping EA from making a good game? Ubisoft did a great job with ZombiU, in fact I would say they used the GamePad better than anyone.

My point here isn’t to shit on this Kotaku writer, or game journalism. It’s the bizarre conundrum of third parties getting away with being lazy. EA can’t make Madden on Wii U? Codemasters can’t make F1 with a steering wheel controller? THQ can’t figure out how to make a shooter with a pointer? That’s their job. People are tired of Madden, it’s selling less and less. All the Madden games this generation combined have sold less than the PS2 version of Madden 2004. If only there was something new on the market that could spice up these games.


This Kotaku article doesn’t even have a conclusion. What do you want Nintendo to do, stop making motion controllers? Do you want the exact same version of Madden for the 17th time? I don’t get it. Suit up or die, EA.

11 thoughts on “Nintendo is making Madden look bad

  1. New reader, first time commenter…

    It’s like you expect 3rd parties to know what to do without Nintendo sending them a manual stuffed with cash about exactly which demographic ques to hit in their games in order to ensure they’ll sell to their finally grained market segments.

    What do you think gaming is? An artistic medium?



  2. Kotaku runs on shit-heads. If they can mistake which game Birdo debuted in (!!), and consider a homeless man outside a Japanese arcade center news worthy, then… fuck it.


  3. Kotaku’s still pulling this shit? I thought it was pretty pathetic how they made a big deal about BLOPs 2′s online numbers on LAUNCH DAY, but I guess these articles keep getting them hits. Don’t worry, I had enough sense not to click the link.

    In case anybody hasn’t figured it out yet, this “Nintendo systems are only good for Nintendo games” meme is going to be the main sticking point used to spread FUD against this system.

    Nobody’s calling this system casual. Nobody’s calling it kiddie. Most people love the Gamepad, so “lolgimmick” doesn’t work. Everybody loves Miiverse. Saying nobody buys third party games is all they have left. Except when they do, but those games don’t count.


  4. I avoid Kotaku like the plague. The ignorance of the people on that website is overwhelming.

    Did you guys see G4’s Attack of the Show “review” of the Wii U? It was fucking disgusting.


    1. G4 pretty much destroyed their rep with their bitching if Skyward Sword getting voted GOTY last year. Their sinking ratings mean they grasp at straws.


      1. The channel is basically being cancelled and rebooted at the end of the year. They won’t have anything to with gaming anymore. Which can only be a good thing after seeing that Wii U review.


  5. And now Madden is skipping Wii U this year. EA brought it on themselves to do this considering that their last effort was simply a rushed effort of ass to earn a “presence” at launch. Who cares about EA really; you do a half-assed job and make a half-assed product, you anger the gamers and lower your reputation. That seems to be a mantra for EA games recently


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