SimSuburb Version 2.2

I haven't actually discussed the game itself yet, which says something in itself that I've rambled for four paragraphs about bugs in the game and haven't even mentioned the server issues that plagued launch. Anyway, what I and other SimCity fans are still trying to reconcile is how different this game is to previous SimCity games. Up till now SimCity games were about simulating a city.. SimCity today though isn't so much about simulating a city as it is about managing industrial supply lines.

Things Wrong With NFS: Shift 2 Unleashed

 One track available at the start  Driver Cam with stupid blur and bouncy effects is default  Mandatory PS3 installation "it will now install, go for a 40 minute walk"  Can't play online without EA account  Can't play game without 3-step prompt to sign-in online  Time Trial has Time Limit  Driver XP bar exists while racing … Continue reading Things Wrong With NFS: Shift 2 Unleashed