Gaming Is Not Our Business

I’m sick of seeing this cycle of shit all over the web. Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony announces they lost a bunch of money or employees. Half the comments are “oh well they’re doomed snurf durf“, and the other half is “no, they’re not. here’s the math and here’s my dick.” Both sides need to shut the fuck up and realise you have nothing to do with any of this. One side looks stupid for being bitter against a piece of plastic, and the other side looks stupid creating problems and defending thin air around the plastic.


What do you think people see when they search for Wii U on social media right now? A bunch of morons arguing about the latest fiscal report. Who wants to get anywhere NEAR that shitstorm? No sane person. Certainly nobody looking to have fun. If you work for a game company, then that’s cool. You might need something to do well because it’s your bank account. You might need to discuss strategies for your game or company. If not, then look over to your gaming console and enjoy it for what it is, not what it isn’t. Stop representing a brand and represent YOURSELF, for the good of both things.


This wise Kikwi has learned something many internet warriors wont figure out until they are 45, naked, and sitting alone in a basement as the WiFi they are stealing from their parents cuts out. Flopping about like an embarrassing fool does not make your favourite company look better. The sudden announcement of Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire with no screenshots or trailer ready suggests to me that Nintendo wanted everyone to shut the fuck up about the financial report. They didn’t like what their own fans were talking about. Their problem, not ours.

I get that people love Wii U or Xbone, I share that love. I don’t want Wii U to fail for a ton of reasons (and I don’t think it will), but good intentions are being sorely misplaced when you build up a defensive wall over nothing. It alienates everybody who just wants to play a game. You know, the sole reason game consoles exist. There are enough different consoles, distribution methods, policies and region-locks in place right now that gamers are already drifting further apart without setting up more battlefields. You don’t need to be a soldier for anybody. With social media as active as it is right now, I’m not seeing any brilliant moments of enlightenment and celebration; just a whole load of gunfire that makes me want to close the tab. Put the arguments down, please, I can’t hear the music in the game I’m playing.

9 thoughts on “Gaming Is Not Our Business

  1. I still blame the game press for constantly pouring gasoline on the fanboy fire. It’s literally their business to cause controversy and generate clicks. Yes, the individual gamers are of course responsible for their actions, but let’s be realistic. Enjoying video games isn’t exactly the mark of a mature and cultured man. The overwhelming majority of gamers are immature pawns literally seeking out someone else to tell them what to think. It’s no wonder that things have gotten so bad.


  2. It does seem like sales are almost all you hear about. Even when a new game comes out sales comes first then discussion only after everyone’s purchase has been vindicated.


    1. I hate when people let hype and sales cloud their judgement, then get mad when the game doesn’t live up to their hype and dreams. Sorta like how people reacted about Call of Duty: Ghosts and how I think they will act with Advance(d?) Warfare.


      1. I major issue with CoD now is that they won’t fucking fix the problems with each yearly release. They are now like rail shooters without the need for exploration.

        They are less fun then Goldeneye 64.


  3. These are school yard arguments taken to the extreme. Even though these types of things should be relegated to kids in between games of kickball, they’ve grown to encompass pretty much the entire industry. I mean, there are developers now who will publicly bash a system because they don’t like it or don’t think it’s “cool” (neither of which actually have anything to do with what really matters: profitability) and that’s trickling down into basically everyone. There is simply no more civility in the world of video games. Considering that it’s the people at the top pushing this sort of stupidity, is it any wonder?

    Back during the 16bit generation when this all got started I don’t remember developers talking garbage about one another. Sure Nintendo and Sega would take marketing pot shots but it was absolutely NOTHING like this. Then Sony came along and bought off Square and they started publicly trashing Nintendo at every turn. Then MS entered the market, the company that coined the term F.U.D. (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) and from there things just snowballed.

    It seems to me that gamers have simply picked up on the hostility put out by certain developers and hardware manufacturers themselves, as a lot of them have been fostering and encouraging it for years now. It’s strange how politicized gaming has become. It’s almost as if someone was actually guiding the situation. As if there was a hidden agenda or something. But that’s just being paranoid…



    1. How ironic the Square paid off by Sony is still there, and bankrupting themselves.

      The creative Square left to form multiple studios who have worked under Nintendo.


  4. The Square I knew died with the failure of the FF movie.They used to be right up there with Nintendo for me. I even bought a PS1 just so I could play FFVII. I actually purchased the game before I was able to buy the system! I loved that game and still do to this day. But I hate it as well for what it did. Not only to Square but to the games industry as a whole.

    I loved it for what it represented, a gaming industry where new ideas and concepts were constantly being born. I loved it so much that I even pre-ordered FFVIII, one of only 2 games that I’ve ever pre-ordered in my life (the other being Zelda: OOT). Can you imagine how disappointed and disillusioned I was when I finally got to play it? I couldn’t believe the direction that they decided to go in. The end of disk 2 was so terrible that once I got through it I put it back in its case and never played the game again. I eventually bought IX and enjoyed the story about Vivi, until it became a remake of VI. At that point I decided that it was best if we just parted ways and I haven’t purchased a single Square game since.

    Do I miss them? Sure! But not the Square that exists today. I miss the Square that made amazing games like FFVI and VII, Secret of Mana, and Crono Trigger. That Square is dead though. And yes, a lot of them are now working with or for Nintendo but that old magic is still gone. It almost makes me feel as if it would have been better if I had never known them during their greatest age just so it wouldn’t hurt so much seeing what they’ve been reduced to.


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