Child of Light – Review In Rhyme

A game that’s written
in constant rhyme
feels quite different
to any other title

It’s alright to groan
at this style of review
but it helps set the tone
for what you’re getting into

An Ubisoft game
that isn’t shit,
Child of Light
just might be it!


A traditional RPG
with turn based battles
movement is 2D
the best way to travel

Sliding bars at different speed
determine when you strike
highest stat takes the lead
now we’re in a fight

The end of the bar
has a brief window
to stun the monster
who attacks too slow

The difficulty is just right
and the battle system engaging
with enemies of different types
to keep your party changing


Overworld movement
is quite relaxing
littered with puzzles
but nothing too taxing

Stunning locations
to fly around
not much incentive
to stay on the ground


You’d think by now
this structure might change
I’m sorry to tell you
it’s staying the same

One awkward way
they break it up
is to have another charac- oh hey!
sorry to interrupt!

While occasionally brilliant
it takes its toll
but all is forgiven
when you’re 8 years old

It’s quite a short game
so I’ll end it here
this dark cliche of pages
is more than it appears

3 thoughts on “Child of Light – Review In Rhyme

  1. I bought it for Wii U as well. I would have bought it for Sony’s consoles, but Ubi were dinks about the cross-buy, and you didn’t get the Vita version. Plus, I bought it on sale, and even though it was months ago, I haven’t seen it this cheap anywhere else. But …

    A reply sans rhymes?
    This just cannot be!
    But don’t expect much
    from lazy ol’ me

    In fact, I’m all done
    and already tired
    I’ll focus on work
    or I might get fired


  2. I’m sorry to say that politics have gotten in the way of me playing this game but I refuse to give money to a company that has shown active hostility toward me as a customer.

    Too bad, it looked interesting, but buying it I would simply be reinforcing their bad habits and twisted ideas about how a company should treat their customers.


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