Majora’s Mask 3D – The Legend of Clock Town


Good morning everyone. Looks like we’re in for another lovely day as the sun spreads it’s colourful rays over the hills and under the clouds. Everyone’s up bright and early to make the most of it. Workers are preparing for the Carnival, shops are set up to rake in the rupees, dogs are barking, kids are playing, and the Postman trots along in a sweat, already struggling to keep up with the day’s letters. I’d expect nothing less in Clock Town, the busiest place in the world. With a staggering population of 26 there is always something going on here. The Mayor is being indecisive as always, while the soldiers and council workers go about their usual debate routine. I’m excited for the big fireworks in 3 days, but there’s a hint of doubt in the air. The soldiers are saying it’s too dangerous and there’s talk of workers slacking off, even leaving. Some even say the moon will fall. Pessimists, I say. Great excuse to get out of work. All the doom and gloom is mostly coming from the soldiers, all they do is stand there all day. The councilmen are determined to put on a good show, or all their hard work will have gone to waste. Just the usual bickering. The moon does look big and nasty, but it’s so far away right? Even though it’s harmless I can’t help but stare at it.

A young boy in a green tunic walks out of the Clock Tower with a surreal sense of purpose. Never seen him before, he must be new here. Come to think of it, I’ve heard tales of a boy in a green tunic and seen some pictures, but this kid looks a bit more… 3D. His eyes wildly dart around the town while his head rotates steadily. It’s like he can see things without really focusing on them, as if having a second set of eyes. Now he just won’t stop running. What’s he so worked up about? Just another one of those conspiracy chasers probably, here to drive tourists away. Now he’s talking to the builders, I heard them say Link?! That’s a weird name. How do they know him? I best follow and investigate. He seems to know a lot about the town for someone who just showed up. He’s even got his own fairy, hmph.

I noticed something strange as Link opened his maps and journals. He stands there motionless as if not doing a thing, then suddenly the pages will change and he’ll be holding something different. A builder even walked by and brushed him, yet he remained still like a stone. These builders aren’t exactly small, have you seen ’em? Built like tanks! Anyway I snuck a peak at Link’s papers. There’s quite a bit here. He’s just arrived today and already has “Event Notes” on the town?! Did he sneak a peak at my journal too?! His looks a lot more organised. Probably getting all his info from the construction workers. Events are listed by their title with the character’s head to the right, and a timeline on the other page with their schedule. Very comprehensive. He’s also got all sorts of maps and trinkets. Far more organised than the tales of the hero I’d heard about. He would often stand motionless for minutes, and his journal didn’t have a bottom page. Just a legend, though.


Good morning, yesterday went by too quickly. I’m fascinated with this young boy but it feels like I’ve learned nothing about him. Last night I swore I saw Link play a song on his Ocarina and vanish into thin air, but I was pretty tired so it might not have happened. Beautiful song, though. Speaking of Link, where did he go?! I searched the town and came up empty, so I decided to ask around. The soldier guarding South Clock Town confirmed he was on his way to the swamp. Seriously?! They let him on his way, just because he had a sword. I’ve heard there’s bad things happening there. Myself, I’m going to stay in Clock Town to be safe. I still need more information though, what’s he doing here? Where did he come from? Does he know something about the Carnival? Why is he going to the swamp? I saw Link talking to those Bomber kids yesterday, here’s a good chance to get some answers!


Ay, bud! You think the Bombers’ Secret Society of Justice will tell secrets to just anyone?

After some failed negotiation attempts I knew this kid was going to be hard to crack. He offered to give me info if I played a game of hide and seek with 5 members of the Bombers’ Society. What else am I gonna do, go to the swamp? Fine. These kids can be trouble but they know the town well. They scurried away and the hunt began. It was a nice feeling to be doing my own little quest and I took the chance to soak it all in. I doubt Link is coming back from that swamp anyway, poor kid. Everything I need is in Clock Town. I gotta say this town has come a long way. Structures have an impressive level of detail on them, even up close. I commented on the textures to one of the construction workers, but he looked confused and mumbled something about his eyesight. Foliage looks beautiful and lively, and all of Termina Field seems to have blossomed to compliment the town. Everything looks way better than it did 15 years ago. You would think all this work done on the town might take away some of the magic, but it’s only become more interesting.

Alright, better find these kids before they get too bored! There’s one, behind a pillar. One on top of the Inn. Two of them inside crates, and the final one snooping around West Clock Town. Spill it, kids!


They told me all about the swamp and a dark place called the Woodfall Temple. It sounds like a structure full of traps and puzzles, designed to keep people away, yet also entice them by being beatable with items found in the area. A genius way to lure over-confident kids in green tunics. There are 4 like it in this world, but the purpose of them is a mystery. They aren’t easy to enter, as the kids elaborated on other events happening around the swamp. The swamp water has been poisoned and the Deku Kingdom nearby is on high alert for intruders after a kidnapping. The most curious thing of all, was the reason Link was there. To slay an evil beast and rescue one of the 4 giant spirits. Hahahaha. Surely the kids were having me on at this point, but I’ll take what I can get. Also got a crappy mask, I think they just wanted me to go away. The Happy Mask Salesman carries these but they must have stolen it from him, or he dropped it somewhere. That dude really creeps me out. I can’t even wear masks. Oh well.


Couldn’t sleep last night. I saw something you wouldn’t believe. Link got back into town and transformed into a Deku Scrub in front of my very eyes. I’m not sure I even believe it. There’s no way a young kid could survive the Woodfall Temple, but I saw Odolwa’s Remains hanging out of his tunic. The strong smell of dead meat is what drew me to have a look. Link then took out one of those creepy masks and started screaming in agony. Everything went dark and blurry, and a few seconds later he had transformed. The screams are still ringing in my head, but he casually ran off doing spins like it was the most normal thing in the world.

Whoa, did you feel that? Felt like a tremor. Anyone, hello? The Carnival is tonight and people are too scared to talk. Must be nerves, it’s a big event. No, the ground is definitely shaking. I’m not that crazy am I? Maybe it’s lack of sleep? I had to go to the Milk Bar just to straighten myself out. All I could think about was Link’s horrid transformation.


A Deku Scrub you say? HAHA! I’ve seen some weirder ones than that! Try a GORON! Or a ZORA! Right in front of me eyes! Hic!

Wow, this guy was crazier than me. We talked about Link and none of us really understood what was going on, but I got some good info on other transformations he’d seen. The Deku Scrub can fly over gaps by shooting itself out of flowers. Goron Link can roll into a ball and swing a mean punch. Zora Link can swim fast through water, and throw boomering type things. He said it looked like his arms were flying off. With all the crazy I’ve seen I can believe that. All the transformations happen within seconds and Link has full control. Link must have a lot of fun with all these different forms of movement, it’s unlike any other legends I’ve read. If you look closely you can see Link’s facial features on each transformation, but it’s best for your sanity to look away.

I don’t know about all this. I left the Milk Bar in a confused state. The Indigo-Gos were about to play a tune but I could still hear Link’s scream. I heard some gasps and looked up to a scary sight. The moon stared down at me with a menacing smirk, it was HUGE! Surely the stories about it aren’t true? I’m probably seeing things because it’s been a crazy few days. Right? I’m not the only one noticing it now. More shaking, I knew those tremors were not natural. Aaahhh!! I looked up and the moon was even closer. It took up the whole sky now. This is actually happening. IT’S GOING TO HIT US! The whole town is now in a panic, where do we go? It’s going to destroy the world. I can’t believe it’s going to end like this. I haven’t done enough with my life. I haven’t climbed Snowhead Mountain. Explored the Stone Tower. Played with the chickens. A thousand thoughts rushed through me as the sky turned red.

LINK!! There he is!! I will finally ask him what’s going on!! He didn’t notice my approach, and pulled out his Ocarina before I could say anything. WHOOOAAAA!!



Good morning everyone. Looks like we’re in for another lovely day as the sun spreads it’s colourful rays over the hills and under the clouds. Everyone’s up bright and early to make the most of it. Workers are preparing for the Carniv-

… wait isn’t the Carnival tonight? What happened?

Whew. I get it now. I GET IT!! By some miracle I’ve been transported back in time. It feels like I’ve been given a second chance and kept everything I’ve learned, so let’s get straight to the point. This is gonna sound CRAZY but just trust me. There’s this game you should play, it’s called Majora’s Mask 3D. I don’t have time to explain it so I’ll just give a brief summary. It’s a 3D Zelda with a really special scenario unlike any other game. The world is bizarre, surreal, I don’t even know but I’m trapped here! There’s something off with the flow of time. You get 3 days to do EVERYTHING. You know how big Zelda games are?! Everything in 3 days?! This game is gigantic. Luckily you can alter events and transport key items back in time with you. I couldn’t possibly explain them all though, there’s just too much to do. You’re trapped in this cycle until you save the world. A never-ending feeling of dread, perhaps an even worse fate than the destruction of the world.

I’m going to ESCAPE this place so I don’t care about explaining things anymore. It’s all up there in the journal. I would love to show you all this on a big screen, but you’re gonna have to make do. These notes aren’t so bad, just make sure you read them with no distractions. Oh hi, there’s Link again! Did he come back with me? He’s withdrawing money? How did this get here? He’s got a new outfit too, I’ve never seen that shield before. Now he’s cutting random things up and grabbing all the bombs and arrows he can find. Poor kid’s gone crazy, must be just as shaken as me. Does he know this is a game? Oh well, he’s not my concern anymore. I have my own purpose and I must now soar above Termina Field and be as beautiful as I can be. After all, I am a fairy.

One thought on “Majora’s Mask 3D – The Legend of Clock Town

  1. Damn it Grub, your output is making me feel flaccid and worthless. Why must you do this to me—-?

    Kidding aside, creative review.


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