Gamers Are Still Totally Against Censorship




“This is me screaming into the void”  of gamer gate-keeping bullshit.

Surely a worthy cause we must support! On another note, make sure to buy The Wonderful 101 Remaster on the Nintendo Switch family of systems (or Steam, whatever you prefer).

4 thoughts on “Gamers Are Still Totally Against Censorship

  1. Look, after getting burned by three games of less than stellar quality I get it, Statistically, the next Paper Mario game will have to knock it out of the park to save this franchise, but we don’t even know diddly squat about this title as of yet, so let’s give it a chance. Let’s hope it’s not as bad as Sticker Star.

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  2. I thought this shit died in the Wii U era. Guess not.

    These are likely the same people who complained about Wind Waker not looking exactly like the 2000 Space World demo, the same people that cried when Bayonetta 2 was made a Wii U exclusive, the same people that cried when TMS #FE was full of idol s*it and wasn’t dark enough for them.

    This really makes me want to label TTYD as overrated pigslop just to trigger them further but I won’t go there.


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