11 thoughts on “F***heads – UbiSwap

  1. LOL! I see that Watchdogs and Splinter Cell are listed for Wii U according to the leaked list of some gaming store. Let’s hope it’s true. That’s the only thing that can save Ubisoft in the eyes of Nintendo fans right now.

    Still not going to buy Rayman Legends, just on principle.


      1. Well, it looks like Nintendo hasn’t given up on Ubisoft. They’re releasing the ZombiU bundle in NA. It looks like we’re getting the same runaround from 3rd party devs that we got last gen.

        What are you guys’ thoughts on the Aliens: Colonial Marines debacle and Need For Speed Most Wanted on Wii U?


        1. Aliens bad reviews will sink the game and SEGA’s profits even more (Yay!) and quite possibly damage Gearbox. Need For Speed will flop like other recent EA titles because no one wants to deal with Origin (which is a pity, the developer obviously cares, the publisher doesn’t give two shits).

          Frankly, WiiU price cut should happen. If it makes me an ambassador and I get free games, I don’t care. Nintendo knows it has a problem with unwilling third party publishers but they are powerless to do anything about it. I, on the other hand, am not declaring WiiU doomed and wondering where the games are; I am busy playing games I got for cheap and/or wanted (IE: I couldn’t give two fucks about the hard hitting February releases).

          So, yeah. :U


          1. I like your attitude, dude. This is exactly what I suggested to my friends on another forum. If I had a Wii U right now, I would dipping into the backlog of Wii games to keep me busy. There’s a lot of good stuff there. Also 3DS is on a major roll.

            I expect things to pick up for Wii U next month. I’m not worried. 3rd parties need to get their act together when it comes to Wii U. That goes for developers and publishers (Crytek wants to bring Crysis to Wii U, EA won’t let them). Follow Criterion’s lead.


      2. Ubisoft have made one error with the Wii U and suddenly everyone hates them and I hate that. People are now embargoing the products trying to make the publishers hurt when all it will do is hurt the devs.
        Also, Ubisoft have been full supporters of the Wii U since Day -1 and even went so far as to make one of the most innovative games in years.
        Also, the CEO said nothing wrong their Matto. He simply said it didn’t sell as well as he thought which is not his fault, it’s Nintys. They failed with advertisements for the Wii U and people are still confused as to what it is. They should never have gone with the Wii name again and it has bitten them in the ass big time.


    1. Xbox, Xbox 360.
      PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3.
      Wii, Wii U.

      I’m not sorry, but I don’t see your point pokefreak. I’m not saying that Nintendo couldn’t have done a better job with marketing, but in regards to naming the console I think you are way off.


      1. I think its a bit hilarious how WiiU confuses people but the other system names do not. Hmm, I wonder…

        Oh well.


      2. But people do get confused. And seeing as the Wii was aimed primarily at casuals who never bother to check things, you see it happen more frequently.
        They shouldn’t have stuck with the Wii name for another reason. It’s synonymous with ‘kiddie’ in the ‘hardcore’ market. You know, the same market who thinks COD is the most mature thing since The Godfather.


      3. With those other consoles, due to the numeric component in their names it’s easy to tell that one came after the other. With Wii U, it’s not that easy, especially since the focus is on the GamePad controller. It’s easy for people who don’t regularly follow gaming news to confuse it as just a new controller for Wii.

        I also think it’s very easy to do a Google search on Wii U and get all the answers you need, but a lot of people need things spelled out for them.


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