How To Treat Your Game Boxes

Ever wonder how to remove those stubborn stickers? Got a scratch or spill on your box you want to remove? Concerned how some of your game boxes look? Read on to find out what to do.

– There’s a sticker on the side of my game, and I can’t open it without risking a tear, what do I do?

Rip that damn thing straight open. IT’S A BOX. A box’s purpose is to hold a game disc or cartridge, with content that you play. The experience is in the game, not the box. A ripped sticker, or slightly dented cover will not stop the box from doing its job. If you like the picture on the front, download it from the games official website and make it your wallpaper. Or print it out and stick it on your fridge.

– What if I want to keep the game mint so I can sell it in 10 years?

Get a real job. This is not a reliable source of income. In 10 years the game could be available for a 50 cent download. Do you really want to be burdened with a box you can’t do anything with for 10 years?

– I like my games to look nice, what if my friends think i’m dirty?

Ok let’s run with the hypothetical situation that you’ve invited some friends over to look at game boxes. One of them questions a half sticker tear on the front of one of your boxes. Your heart is racing, what to say?

THE TRUTH. “Oh yeah I had to open that one”. “Oh”. Nobody cares.

– Some games are special, I want them to look as perfect as they are. I’m anal and you can’t change me.

Fair enough. If a game is really that special, here’s what you do. Get something with hot air, like a hair dryer, warm up the sticker a bit. It’ll come off easier. Then put your box in a place where nobody can touch it or see it ever, and keep the disc in a wallet or alternate CD / cartridge holder. Never use the disc either because it might get a scratch.

– Sometimes I lick game boxes I really like.

You’re a psycho.

– The game is a present and I don’t want them to see the price tag! Should I risk tearing the sticker off???

So you want to decieve someone. If it’s a cheap second hand game, there’s nothing wrong with being a smart shopper. They might even be impressed. But if you’re going for the whole mystery surprise angle, I hear ya. You’ve got two options, rip the damn thing off and hope for the best, or cover it up. Either you can put another sticker over it, or get a black permanent marker and scribble on top of it. Draw a smiley face even, make it look innocent.

– You’re not very helpful, I just want clean game boxes.

We all want everything to be perfect, but there’s a line. Something you own, at some point, will get damaged. Deal with it – it’s the price you pay for being alive, you’ll do things, and things will happen. The very worst price you can pay is to buy a new box. I’m pretty sure Nintendo sells spare Wii cases for a dollar or two. Crisis over.

3 thoughts on “How To Treat Your Game Boxes

  1. Oh man, I saw the headline on twitter and started laughing already. Article of the day!

    Also, to resell my Metal Gear solid I had to remove all the partially ripped stickers because buyers are faggots. Eucalyptus oil did the job. Live ina country without eucalypts? Well shit.


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