3DS a flop, stores pull games from shelves

3DS has been a disappointment all over the world, and Samurai Warriors is the latest casualty of Nintendo’s underwhelming system. Samurai Warriors Chronicles, the latest game in the series on 3DS, sold zero copies throughout Europe in the last week.

This is unprecedented for such a new game, and demand for the franchise has taken a dive as a result. One of the old PS2 games sold 2 copies this week, down from 4 last week, indicating 3DS has cut the franchises popularity in half. Anticipation for future versions looks very bleak too, as gamers lose interest in the series. Just for a laugh I asked my friend Charles in the UK to have a look for the game, he said he couldn’t find it in stores. A manager of GAME told him that they had to take the game off shelves because it just wasn’t selling, like most games on 3DS it seems. Tecmo-Koei was seen apologising on Twitter, presumably about releasing such a good game on a crappy flop system nobody wanted to buy.

Nintendo themselves had nothing to say about the issue, and it seems like they’re already putting the 3DS behind them, building hype for their latest system “Cafe” ahead of E3. All signs point to it being another scam like 3DS, as the lack of information about the system mounts uncertainty in industry analysts. Keen industry observer Marine Hardco admitted “Nintendo’s recent strategy is concerning, their prices have gone up, and the quality has gone down. We are closely monitoring the situation.” Nintendo is now building a solid track record of disappointment, but people are waking up. We can only hope innocent publishers like Tecmo-Koei aren’t taken advantage of next time.

3D systems used to be popular.

3 thoughts on “3DS a flop, stores pull games from shelves

  1. Charles, here.

    I searched darkest Britannia for the title and found empty shelves. I motioned toward another game monger, but instead purchased some scones and cream. They were in ample supply and made a lasting impression in my knickers. Passengers on the coach looked upon me with envy.

    -Charles, UK


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