SEGA Bought Atlus – What The Hell? Seriously What The Hell?

By now this news is kind of old but SEGA has purchased Atlus’ troubled owners Index Corp. Atlus’ well-being was a big concern for many people though most people pinned Nintendo as the company who would buy them since a) they made a few high quality 3DS titles and b) they are making Fire Emblem … Continue reading SEGA Bought Atlus – What The Hell? Seriously What The Hell?

Depressing Realities Surrounding Developer Closures

Around late 2011, Pietriots member Deguello did a written piece on people wanting Nintendo to go third party and why such a thing would do more harm than good. Even today, it still speaks volumes because lately everyone is pinning Nintendo as doomed because the WiiU isn’t selling X amount of units. The same thing … Continue reading Depressing Realities Surrounding Developer Closures

In Today’s News, UbiSoft just screwed over Rayman Legends

In case you haven’t heard the news yet, all that free advertising Nintendo gave to Rayman Legends turned out to be absolutely worthless on Nintendo’s part: Rayman Legends is no longer a WiiU exclusive and it’s being put multiplatform, and as such it making gaming journalists, analysts and haters hard in the pants. The reasons … Continue reading In Today’s News, UbiSoft just screwed over Rayman Legends

Trick or Treat?

Definitely a "treat". THE ERECTION, IT DOES NOT CEASE. I want to dress her up like Rebecca Chambers / Lilith / Samantha Smith and exchange FRIEND CODES with her day and night throughout this Season of Mario. We both like Super Mario Bros. - this is what brings us together.

The Capcom Five – Video Memorial

NEVER FORGET Before they cancelled Mega Man Legends 3, before they ignored Wii Pointer controls in Monster Hunter Tri, before they rewarded Resident Evil fans with rail shooters, before Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop could handle 6 zombies at once, before they announce Resident Evil: Revelations including the free Mercenaries HD for PS Vita … Continue reading The Capcom Five – Video Memorial

Doctor Lautrec Collector’s Edition Announced

Charles, here. It is with great ecstasy that I announce the Limited Collector's Edition of Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights, arriving to the Nintendo Three D. S. (Discouraging Sales) in proper English. This rare package is decorated with a portrait of myself, as the official spokesmodel of the franchise, executing the role of the … Continue reading Doctor Lautrec Collector’s Edition Announced

3DS a flop, stores pull games from shelves

3DS has been a disappointment all over the world, and Samurai Warriors is the latest casualty of Nintendo's underwhelming system. Samurai Warriors Chronicles, the latest game in the series on 3DS, sold zero copies throughout Europe in the last week. This is unprecedented for such a new game, and demand for the franchise has taken … Continue reading 3DS a flop, stores pull games from shelves